19 November 2021

Join DJs Alok, DVLM, and KSHMR for a virtual party ahead of Free Fire’s Booyah Day peak day on 20 Nov

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Join DJs Alok, DVLM, and KSHMR for a virtual party ahead of Free Fire’s Booyah Day peak day on 20 Nov
  • Catch the virtual party by DJs Alok, DVLM, and KSHMR on 19 Nov 
  • Celebrate Booyah Day by redeeming the game’s latest character, Leon, for free by logging in on 20 Nov
  • The excitement continues as Battle In Style takes over Free Fire from 21 Nov with a  refreshed in-game look 

Garena is celebrating Booyah Day alongside the launch of its first major brand campaign, Battle In Style. Booyah is used in Free Fire to symbolise victory, and is often used by Survivors to express other moments of joy and excitement. Booyah Day celebrates the moments of achievements both in the game, and in real life. Elements of Booyah Day will feature in Free Fire from now till 20 Nov with a refreshed interface and various themed events and rewards.

Catch the virtual party by DJs Alok, DVLM, and KSHMR ahead of Booyah Day’s peak day on 20 Nov

Save the date for 19 Nov, 22:00 (GMT+2)! Free Fire will host a virtual party featuring top DJ acts Alok, DVLM, and KSHMR, who will be playing their hottest hits live on Free Fire’s official YouTube channel – just in time for the Booyah Day’s peak day on 20 Nov.

Free Fire welcomes Leon this Booyah Day

Booyah Day sees the introduction of Free Fire’s latest character, Leon. Booyah Day’s iconic character, Leon, is a family-oriented college student and basketball player who always puts his family first. Despite his cheerful disposition, he had a tough childhood due to an accident that left him with a mechatronic leg. Instead of becoming depressed, Leon started training with his machine leg and eventually became stronger. Leon’s drive to attempt the impossible acts as a huge inspiration for all as Free Fire celebrates Booyah Day.

Apart from revealing the new character, Leon, Booyah Day will also feature in-game missions, peak day login rewards, and web events available for players and fans to get into the Booyah Day spirit.

Log in to Free Fire on Booyah Day’s peak day on 20 Nov to redeem Leon for free!

Leon is part of the Booyah Day Collection Items, which sees themed content offered to players, including: 

  • Alpha Flameborn Costume
  • Masked Warlord Costume
  • Mystic Evil Costume
  • Evo Gun
  • Gloo Wall and Backpack 

Catch up on all the latest from the Booyah Day Collection items with the Booyah Day Premiere Show here.

Battle In Style fully takes over Free Fire from 21 Nov 

The action is set to continue right after Booyah Day, with elements of Battle In Style presented to players in the game from 21 Nov. Battle In Style seeks to inspire players to stay positive and have fun, even when taking on challenges or chasing aspirations in life. A Battle In Style interface and reskin will be live in Free Fire from 21 Nov, along with other Battle In Style-themed rewards and events. 

‘Unlock the Battle In Style Anthem’ event!

Fans and players can also look forward to unlocking the hotly anticipated “Battle In Style Anthem” simply by battling in style in Free Fire, and contributing to the Booyah milestone! A theatrical performance by T.R.A.P. on 27 Nov will follow after that milestone has been achieved.

Free Fire’s virtual band, T.R.A.P., is set to delight fans on 27 Nov. Free Fire characters – Moco, Antonio, Miguel, and Kelly – will be delivering a livestream performance filled with music, choreography, and virtual interaction. Fans can also have a hand in the performance on YouTube with real-time interaction tools - watch the livestream and influence how T.R.A.P. performs!

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Free Fire MAX is also available on both the Apple iOS App and Google Playstore.