14 February 2022

Free Fire's latest campaign Squad BEATz seeks to inspire players through the journey of 4 in-game characters

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Free Fire's latest campaign Squad BEATz seeks to inspire players through the journey of 4 in-game characters
  • Free Fire celebrates being uniquely you through its latest Squad BEATz campaign, that debuted on 4 February 2022. 
  • The Squad BEATz campaign revolves around four young people from around the globe represented by in-game characters: Alvaro, Notora, Shirou, and Kapella.
  • Fans and players can look forward to a refreshed interface, stunning collectibles, and in-game activities to follow during the Squad BEATz campaign. 

South Africa, 10 February 2022 – Garena’s brand new campaign for Free Fire, Squad BEATz, invites players from around the world to embark on a journey of self-expression this spring.

Introducing Free Fire’s Squad BEATz

Squad BEATz tells the story of four young people from around the globe, represented by Free Fire characters – Alvaro, Notora, Shirou, and Kapella – who all often feel out of place and different from others around them. In turn, this strengthens their resolve to prove and express themselves through other means, such as style and music. With their own unique cultures and personalities, Free Fire’s Squad BEATz embraces each other’s individuality as they battle their way through in Free Fire.

Free Fire celebrates being uniquely you through its Squad BEATz campaign 

Just like Free Fire’s Squad BEATz, the upcoming campaign seeks to empower players all around the world to celebrate their individuality and unique personalities by expressing themselves through vibrant in-game costumes, musical genres, and unique battling styles in Free Fire.

Started on the 4 February, Free Fire fans and players can look forward to expressing their unique fashion styles in the game while also battling together in style with their squad with a revamped interface, exclusive collectibles, as well as an exciting lineup of in-game missions.

An upcoming music video featuring Squad BEATz in their personalised ensemble will also arrive on 12 February. True to Squad BEATz’s core, the theme song will showcase a unique blend of four genres – reggae, funk, pop, and K-pop – representing the four characters.

The Alvaro costume bundle features an electrifying shade of blue. With a pair of stylish joggers and kicks, Alvaro can move to his favourite genre of music, reggae, in complete comfort.

A purple flame emanates from Notora’s fiery outfit. This funky get-up oozes confidence and fun - a perfect pick to throw on when it is time to squad up and party to funk music with her team!

A smoke-emitting outfit adorns Shirou. Luminescent accents enhance the overall appeal of Shirou’s ensemble and give the pop music fan a cool aura.

Kapella, Free Fire’s in-game popstar, sports a gem-like two-piece costume complete with matching gloves and thigh-high boots - incorporating a touch of K-pop flair.

Experience the vibrant world of Squad BEATz

Fans and players of Free Fire can prepare to be enthralled by the vibrant hues of a refreshed interface, exclusive collectibles, and in-game events during theSquad BEATz campaign. In addition to the four stunning costume bundles and other collectibles available, players can also catch Squad BEATz performing up close and personal in spawn island starting 4 February!

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