02 February 2022

FOR THE LOVE OF GAMING – eSportShop brings gaming dreams to life

Submitted by Tebogo
FOR THE LOVE OF GAMING –  eSportShop brings gaming dreams to life

Johannesburg, 2 February 2022 – Online gaming and esports are rapidly gaining dedicated followers all over the world. There are more gamers now than there have ever been before. The community is growing daily and multi-player games are a whole new way of socialising. This close-knit, ever-expanding community is eSportShop’s reason for being. This new player on the gaming scene is now bringing tech, multi-platform gaming equipment and all the peripherals to South Africa’s gaming public online. eSportShop specialises in everything gaming, robotic, drones and even online chess as an esport.

Ryan Macquet, owner at eSportsShop says, “As gamers, we feel that we are a family, all brought together by the shared love of gaming that binds us. We wanted to create a platform for us, by us, as part of the extended family. We offer a comprehensive collection of gaming equipment for gamers at all levels, on any platform – there’s no judgement here”.

Ryan continues, “Our community is one of the fastest-growing in the world and our gaming friendship circles are expanding every day. So many people felt isolated during the early stages of COVID, which brought more people online to socialise via multi-player games.

“We want to serve our friends in the gaming community by getting them prepared for what is looking to be one of the biggest years in gaming yet and we’ll be disrupting the gaming market by providing the best quality and pricing with an emphasis on customer support.

“As an ex-pro player, I look forward to taking on the stiff competition out there. I believe I have the right team to win. While we always aim to be competitive, we may not always be cheaper than our competition, but for us, it’s about how we practice being better every day, and that starts with great customer service”.

eSportShop supplies a wide selection of laptops, desktops, consoles, components and simulation equipment for gamers of any taste, from Xbox afficionados to serious PC gamers. All products are available online and can be delivered throughout South Africa.

eSportShop also offers gaming consultation solutions for homes, students and professionals, as well as consultation for schools or private and public sector entities, to design and implement their own esports laboratories.

To find out more, visit www.esportshop.co.za