23 September 2021

Corporate Gift Ideas for Heritage Day Braai Day

Submitted by Joshua Maraney
Corporate Gift Ideas for Heritage Day Braai Day

Corporate Gift Ideas for Braai Day and Heritage Day 2021

23 September 2021, Johannesburg -  In South Africa, just about every day can be “Braai Day”.  Perkal Gifts aim to provide their clients with the very best in corporate gifts. With Perkal you can decide on the most wide-ranging variety of braai accessories in South Africa. They provide quick turnaround periods while all purchased items can be branded to faultlessness for colleagues, customers and more. To celebrate the country’s 26th National Braai day, Perkal Gifts are pleased to launch a variety of corporate products especially for braai day.

First up is a convenient, 3 piece braai set. It features a standard yet steady trio consisting of a fork, spatula and knife. This set also has a stainless steel cooler which also has a main zipper compartment as well as a front zippered compartment and adjustable shoulder strap. The set weighs only 1kg and is perfect for corporate gifts.

If you’re looking for a “braai day multi tool” that can do it all in one, try out the Foldable Braai Cutlery Tool. Made from stainless steel and wood and includes a variety of cutlery including a spatula, fork, knife, and corkscrew and bottle opener. This is perfect to give to your client as a promotional gift.

The Okiyo 5 piece BBQ set is a beautifully crafted and rather unique corporate gift to amaze your clients ar a braai. This gift is made out of bamboo and includes a spatula, tongs, fork, basting brush and knife. What makes this set so unique is its presentation in a eye-catching bamboo box which is complimented by its chrome carry handle and trims. 

Unlike many braai sets, the Bliksem Braai set comes in an array of colours such as black, orange, red, yellow, navy and yes even in pink! This mini braai is conveniently designed to keep transport and easy assembling in mind. Neatly packaged in a gift box and includes a drawstring carry bag that your clients will love

The simplistic 19 Piece Braai and Cutlery Set provides all your basic needs when preparing for a braai. Made from stainless steel and wood and fully equipped with 6 steak knives and forks, and cutting board. For braai purposes, this set has a handy basting brush, utility knife, chef’s knife, fork, spatula, and tongs. The 19 piece braai and cutlery set is packaged in a plastic case and supplied to you in a black sleeve.

Visit Pgifts.co.za today to choose from the biggest selection of corporate gifts for your business and clients.

Perkal gifts has the leading collection in South Africa and offers supreme service. They are one of the most knowledgeable corporate gift businesses in the country.

Happy Heritage day!

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