Saturday, 31 January 2015

Everyone deserves a healthy view on sexuality

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An active and diverse sexual lifestyle could help not only your physical health but also your mental health, very much like having a daily exercise routine.

Why are we then so ashamed of talking about something so good and dare I say it, nice? Sex is nice, it's flipping great to be more accurate. And not just for men or women, sex is universal and the pleasure from consenting sexual experiences relieves us of stress and helps our hearts do what they do best.

For these reasons it was decided to open a place that is accepting of all sexual orientations, devoid of the predictable sleaze many have come to expect from sex shops.Lotuscede was borne in October 2014, a luxury e-tailor of all things sexy.

"Growth is found in experimentation." says James Rautenbach, Directors of Lotuscede. "Sexual experimentation is no different. We are all aware of the dark side of sexuality but the vast majority of sexual interactions are between consenting adults who are both in it for their individual pleasure. Who amongst us would not enjoy a healthy, giving sex life? Of course there are those of us who do not have loving partners but they deserve no less pleasure than those who do. Sex toys are  quite simply fantastic and though they won't provide you with love, they are almost certain to give you the pleasure and relief you all deserve and all too often need."

Lotuscede strives to both view and portray sexuality in all it's wondrous forms as the beautiful thing it is. We stock only the best, quality body safe silicone sex toys that not only feel luxurious but also look classy and tasteful making them cross sexual orientation friendly. We also boast a selection of exclusive sexual clothing that you wont find anywhere else.

Girls who like boys who like boys who like girls who like girls, Lotuscede has something to please and thrill each of you.

So why not give in to love at with any one of our carefully selected luxury sex toys or exclusively designed South African sexual apparel.

Life is an experience. I live and love as hard as I can whether I'm the entrepreneur or the performer. Pro sexual experimentation and openness in a consenting environment. Wholeheartedly against the views of those who wish to hate on those who are different from them.