Sunday, 31 August 2014

Owl and Simone present “Acoustic Bond: Shakin not Stirred”

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Owl and Simone present Acoustic Bond

Owl and Simone, in collaboration with Junipa's All Day Café and Bistro, are gettin shakin, not stirred! Yep this accomplished duo will be crafting an evening thrilled to the rafters by themes from the James Bond movies, a special menu created by Junipas, and martini's (shakin only). 

Please join Owl and Simone at 6.30 pm on Friday 19 September at Junipa's All Day Café and Bistro (011 706 2387 ) as they ignite the evening with their unique brand of passion and class. Remember “Skyfall”, remember the “World Is Not Enough”, remember “Golden Eye”, remember “Dr No”, remember “A View to a Kill”, remember..... sure you do! So dress up a little and join us for the songs, the menu and the martinis that accompanied James Bond on his 52 years of saving the world.

Bookings are essential.

  • Venue:              Junipa's All Day Café and Bistro:         
  • Address:           Shop D4/D5 Hobart Grove | Cnr. Hobart & Grosvenor Rd        
  • Date:                Friday 19 September, 2014        
  • Time:                6.30 pm – 9.30 pm        
  • Bookings:         011 706 2387 / 011 706 0479.         
  • Web     :  - /  -

Owl is a member of two bands: Owl and Simone, and SHYNE