08 June 2021

8 June 2021 is WORLD OCEAN DAY

Submitted by Maria Joubert
8 June 2021 is WORLD OCEAN DAY

8 June 2021 – PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA – Blacktip Life – a social club for scuba divers – have committed to contribute to the global drive to clean up South African oceans and beaches. Joining the global initiative for 2021, Blacktip Life would like to support World Ocean Day by raising awareness and support for the global movement to protect at least 30% of the world's lands, waters, and ocean by 2030 (30x30). The theme for 2021 is to safeguard at least 30% through a network of highly protected areas to help ensure a healthy ocean and climate. https://worldoceanday.org/conservation-action-focus/

Derick Van Den Berg, founder at Blacktip Life commented, “As part of our responsibility towards the environment, we have committed to do our part to help clean the oceans and the beaches. As scuba divers, we also have a responsibility and we want to challenge all scuba divers across the country to take part in this clean-up. By committing to using less plastic in our daily lives, striving to change our old habits, and to try and do our part, we believe the impact we as a diving society can make, can make a huge difference.” 

According to the official website for World Ocean Day, this year focuses on challenging people across the globe to make an individual commitment to a more ocean-friendly lifestyle, with a focus on reducing plastic use, recycling, energy consumption, or alternative transportation. https://worldoceanday.org/ 

Blacktip Life Ocean Clean Up project: https://www.blacktiplife.com/ocean-clean-up 

About Blacktip Life

Blacktip Life is a social club for scuba divers, by scuba divers. https://www.blacktiplife.com/ 

Blacktip Life social club values

Respect and adoration for the ocean, and all her creatures;

Caring for, and contributing to, the diving community;

To belong is essential. Blacktips belong together. We’re friendly, we’re family, we help where we can;

Happiness is a choice. Choose and Chase it! Add joy and kindness and you have our core values. We’re kind to everybody: to each other, the DMs, skippers, staff at dive centres, other dive clubs, … everybody, no matter their race, religion, gender, preference, affiliation, PADI, NAUI, RAID, TDI, SAUU or whatever. So, you guessed it … rude isn’t cool, kindness always wins. 

About World Ocean Day

Coordinated and promoted internationally by The Ocean Project since 2002, World Ocean Day is an annual celebration on 8 June as well as a call for ocean conservation action throughout the year. Starting in 2009, World Ocean Day has also been officially recognized by the United Nations. This celebration of our one shared ocean brings together organizations and individuals from youth groups, schools, aquariums, zoos, museums, businesses, maritime and tourism industries, government agencies, recreational enthusiasts including divers, surfers, sailors, communities of faith and more. Learn more: http://www.worldoceanday.org/

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