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International Executive Chefs Hosted in Cape Town by AHLE-X

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September 2013 - Affiliated Hospitality Leadership Experiences (AHLE-X) hosted 9 Executive Chef’s from Africa and South Africa in Cape Town. The programme provided a quality and personalised learning experience for each delegate, increasing their understanding of culinary trends, exposing them to unique dining experiences and inspiring them to return to their properties rejuvenated.

The AHLE-X Chef Programme was conducted over one week from the 9th to the 14th September. The group included Executive Chefs from the AfricanSun Hotel Group, Three Cities Hotel Group, Tsogo Sun, the Zambian Air Force and Sun International. The experiential programme incorporated practical food trends culinary workshops, an authentic Cape Malay lunch, dining at four top Cape Town restaurants, a day in Franschhoek, educational seminars and a tour of Cape Town, to get a sense of what our world class city has to offer.

The ’nose to tail’ culinary workshop hosted by food alchemist Peter Goffe-Wood and Chef Steve Jefferies at Kitchen Cowboys enabled delegates to try their hand at sausage making; compiling the recipe to casing the sausage and finally feasting on their creations. The art of Charcuterie was demonstrated as were the techniques of smoking and curing. Chef Dimo Simatos of the Lindt Chocolate Studio provided the group with an opportunity to create and practice their advanced chocolate decor techniques.

Drumming at Gold Restaurant prior to dinning was a delightful start to the week. At The Greenhouse Restaurant, Chef Peter Tempelhoff presented the courses and engaged with the Chefs on every dish. Prior to dining at the Chef’s Table at The Mount Nelson Hotel’s Planet Restaurant, Chef Rudi Liebenberg showed the delegates their worm farm and Sous Chef Dion Vengattas prepared a demonstration of raw vegan cooking concepts and plated innovative creations. The final dinner at The Test Kitchen was an opportunity to meet with Chef Luke Dale-Roberts and observe the master in action from their open kitchen.

The success of the programme came from the delegates dining together, interacting as well as acquiring new culinary techniques that they had not been exposed to previously. The seminars provided them with insight into ‘greening their kitchens’ and ‘food costing and menu analysis’.

Executive Chef Tendayi Makwati from Elephant Hills Resort AfricanSun  Hotels Zimbabwe,“The Professional Chef  Development Programme was launched at the right time , as it coincided with my new a la carte  to be introduced  sometime in October , I got some ideas from the fine dining we were exposed to , in different hotels and restaurants in Cape Town- what an eye- opener.  Thank you to AHLE-X.”

In addition to the Chef Professional Development Programme, AHLE-X also offers a one-week Food and Beverage Professional Development Programme, run along similar lines. 

AHLE-X offers local and international Professionals in the Hospitality and Interior Design Industries Professional Programme in Cape Town.