Monday, 17 October 2011

Mimi's autobiography in English to launch Sunday

Mimi Coertse, South Africa's internationally famous soprano, will launch her autobiography in English on Sunday. The book, A Life to Sing, is amply illustrated with photo's from her international and South African career. Recognised by both P.W Botha and Nelson Mandela, Mimi was the target of right wingers for her work in bringing mothers together in organisation Kontak. Her music room was burned down and her life was threatened.

She is returning on Saturday after adjudicating singers in China.

The book is entertaining and brutally honest, set in post-war Europe with its occupied zones, poverty and revitalisng music. It is also a deeply personal tale of growth and insight.

Mimi will sign books at the Groenkloof Auditorium on Sunday 23 October at 14h30 p.m. She is the hostess at a concert featuring singers and poets, call DigSange. Entrance is free.


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