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Khensy Launches 1st CD Zwotea

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New year, new label and a stunning new release from one of the brightest new stars in Mzantsi. Khensy has arrived in a big way with the release of her much-anticipated debut album, Zwotea. Released February 2009, Zwotea will be preceded by Khensy's stunning new single Hiya Kaya, mixed by DJ Kentphonic.
Khensy released her debut single Don’t Let Go in 2005, and now comes her 1st full-length CD Zwotea, a stunning debut that has taken time, passion and sheer devotion from Khensy, who wanted to get it just right. It's an album full of timeless songs, with a sound that's both classic and contemporary. Don't let go is a perfect example of just that; an infectious, melody driven house track that captures the emotional warmth and richness of Khensy's vocal much so that Bruce Sebitlo thought it was a cover she was singing on one of her recent performances. Other stand out tracks include Khensy's beautiful, emotionally charged Swi Ala Kwihi and the up-tempo Melody in My Head.

At a time when audiences are moving away from the manufactured and toward the genuine, Khensy meets this new demand perfectly. With Khensy there's no mimed, over-choreographed dance routines, just an amazing voice, cutting edge lyrics and cool cuts. Khensy insists "I want to help bring back something that has been almost lost for so long - great singing, live instrumentation and first-rate songs."

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Khensy’s History & Background

Khensy is the real deal. Like many young people raised in Soweto, the 30-year-old songstress endured a tumultuous childhood in Diepkloof (not e Extension), and has fought all her life to keep her dream of a music career alive. Now she's realizing that dream on her own terms with her first album for Indaba Productions (now PURE Communications) under the management of Tumi Ndaba (her manager and friend for 5 years and 14 years respectively). It's been a long road for Khensy, but it's her powerful voice - a bell-like instrument whose soaring clarity is topped off with a tantalizing touch of soulful grit that has carried her through, not to mention the diminutive singer's personal combination of sugar, spice, sass and uk’phapha, along with a solid-steel spine.

"Being not so young, you have to be really dedicated to doing it for yourself," says Khensy, who wrote and composed all of the songs on her new CD. "There's a lot of trials and tribulations you have to go through to get what you want, especially if you feel like it belongs to you."

Khensy's talent, personality, and faith have won her fans and supporters within the notoriously picky entertainment industry since climbing out of her shell. Having been involved in the industry at some level or another she has over the years worked with, amongst others, Zwai Bala, Guffy, Kunle Ayo, Kentphonic, DJ Ganyani, Goldfish Live and the international House producer Craig Dotts.

Having grown up in Diepkloof and lived there most of her young life, she knew life wasn't all glitter and gold like it was in America where she spent a few years as a young child until the passing of her mother that forced her to come back to South Africa. Many years later, shortly after a failed engagement and faced with the challenge of being a single mother, Khensy wasted no time realizing she had to start a brand-new life, for herself and her son Zwotea. It only took the determined singer a few months and fate as her long time friend Tumi Ndaba immediately signed her to her first solo recording management deal.
For her first album, Khensy has garnered the support of none other than reigning hip-hop producer Amu’nishn, whose gruff stylings have graced hits by Award winners Mr. Selwyn and Wikid. In the pursuit of completing her debut album, she got the chance this past last summer to collaborate with Kunle Ayo who produced two songs and featured on Melody in my Head.
Khensy is passionate about providing inspiration to all young people but especially young girls, who come from troubled backgrounds. "I want to be an example for young people, especially growing up in the townships, because it's already hard enough to not be focused, not to be trying, to be doing something," she says, adding that hope and faith and holding on to a dream can carry anyone far.
One of the more real urban song stresses out there, Khensy worked her way up the industry ladder diligently and it took time, making her debut in 2009 at age 30 has surely not been an easy task. Still, Khensy has an edge over her peers, a personality edge. She’s got that special something that will make all love her over above her musical talent. Call her marketable, lovable, a mixture of Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathose, none current fits her ability to ‘just be’.

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