Monday, 25 July 2011

Printed film digest finally out for film-buffs countrywide

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A printed digest of the best recent films has been launched for avid film watchers throughout South Africa. Called Pick of the Movies, it consolidates key review information providing movie-goers with a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide, meaning you’ll never watch a rubbish film again.
Reviewing 150 films in 15 categories, the booklet covers a comprehensive range of movies for all tastes. Printed as an illustrated quarterly pocketbook, Pick of the Movies is available in bookshops nationwide and selected video stores in the Western Cape.

Its convenient size allows you to keep it with you for spur of the moment movie-watching decisions. The review is laid out to ensure easy and quick reading.

Both audiences and reviewer scores are provided to give a balanced review of each film. All recent films scoring over six are included in Pick of the Movies, as well as a few which people just loved anyway, as proved by great box office returns.

The booklet gives you the chance to identify lesser-known but excellent titles you may not have thought of, avoiding big-name flops, spotting new talent and to mark up your personal checklist for films you want to see or have seen already.

“When the film you want is out, the choice from unknowns is often difficult and time-consuming,” says Hilary Bassett, the guide's author. “Naturally video stores want you to take the latest big-name title, but a good star doesn't guarantee a good movie! Pick of the Movies describes the stories, summarises the critics' consensus, and picks out from a range of reviewers the best things about the film.

“We've also given suggestions for other films you may enjoy. Plus there are articles about stars, news of upcoming pictures, and even a movie crossword puzzle,” says Bassett.

Whether you buy, rent or download many DVDs or do so on a whim every now and then, this booklet provides quick, informative help.

Or order direct from Cost: R29.95 plus R10 p&.p.

For more information call (021) 685 7920 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Pick of the Movies
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