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Wednesday, 16 September 2009 11:08

2010 Calls for Enhanced Hospitality Training

{pp}Grace Hospitality Solutions, a 60% black owned organisation, recently launched its suite of hospitality training courses and recruitment services. A lack of operational and service related training in the hospitality industry was the driving force behind this decision.

Without the necessary tools on hand, how can hospitality staff be expected to live up to international guest expectations. In addition, can on-the-job training passed down from employee to employee really provide the insight necessary to become a master of their role and “wow” our international and local guests?

Johan van der Berg, a highly successfully entrepreneur and MD of Grace Staffing Services has combined forces with Nelson Mawema, a hospitality industry veteran with 16 years local and global hospitality experience, to uplift the industry in the wake of 2010 service expectations and beyond.

Johan says, “There is such a lack of correct mentoring/training programmes in the hospitality industry. Employees often have to learn the hard way to the detriment of guests. Through our involvement we will be striving to empower hospitality staff, allowing them to master their roles and reflect the true African experience with a high spirit.” The trends identified are indicative that change is necessary:

  • Lack of operational and service related training in the industry
  • Bad habits passed down from generation to generation
  • Upcoming 2010 world cup
  • Pressure to provide international customer service
  • Continued access to skilled hospitality labour in Africa

Nelson says, “The hospitality training courses designed will ensure staff are more knowledgeable in what they do, allowing management to focus on their role without worrying about the ability of their employees. The massive influx of international guests in 2010 will require streamlined service delivery.”

“It’s a new training era; we are going to stop the generational trends in passing down bad habits and the wrong attitude. To provide you with a few examples, a new receptionist is appointed who is eager and motivated and is trained by a front office supervisor who has 18 years experience, never received a promotion although she trained 7 other managers and is bitter and frustrated. A supervisor is appointed in a restaurant, he is straight out of hotel school and is being trained by a manager who looks the part and was therefore promoted, but never truly mastered the role he is supposed to train the new employee on. A new waitron is appointed, but the supervisor is fearful that the waitron will take over her position in time.”

“All these instances do not provide for a healthy transfer of skill, which impacts on the level of service, retention and ultimately the guest’s experience,” mentions Nelson. Makes one think, doesn’t it. Think about how you were trained in the past… We’ve all started that job where you spend time with the departing staff member to learn aspects of the role. Were you given their undivided attention? Were they disgruntled with the employer? Were they even really interested in showing you the ropes? Finally, were you learning their bad habits?

The impact of utilising an outsourced focused facilitator/mentor is that you will have your people in the right positions, with the right mind-set, the right heart, people that have been called to the industry and provided with the tools to succeed. A Customer Service 1-Day Workshop kicks off the launch of Grace Hospitality Solutions with a bang - held in Cape Town on 30 September and again on 6 October! Never before will you have viewed hospitality customer service in this light…

To obtain the course outline or to book, please contact our reception on 021 577 1239. For enquiries regarding other hospitality operational, customised and scheduled training offered, contact Nelson Mawema or Johan van der Berg on 021 577 1239.

Grace Hospitality Solutions, a 60% black owned company, provides recruitment and training services to the African continent. The Training Division focuses on hospitality, corporate and governmental industries providing all delegates with appropriate, valuable and inspired training. The Recruitment division focuses on providing quality recruitment services to the hospitality industry. Their vision is to ensure that staff members are well versed and knowledgeable in their role and that they are inspired and able to grow, making a valuable difference to their industry and their employer. In addition, they also strive to assist employers of choice in recruiting motivated and experienced talent in a highly professional manner. Ultimately, Grace Hospitality Solutions was launched by two extremely passionate leaders whose goal is to make a valuable difference to the industries they care so much about; and make a difference to people.

Contact information:
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Grace Hospitality Solutions
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Grace Hospitality Solutions
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