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Wednesday, 17 June 2009 21:49

Idols Star, Tender Mavundla Releases debut album

{pp}Tender Moments:
Idols Star, Tender Mavundla Releases debut album

Tender Mavundla wasn’t always as well known as she is now, thanks to South Africa’s Pop Idols. But right now she is capitalising on that momentum with the release of her debut album, “Tender Moments.”

Born in Port Shepstone, Tender grew up in little village called KwaNositha where she was actively involved in stage plays and a gospel choir. In 1997, things started turning around for Tender, after she won SABC 1’s Jam Alley Megastar Competition and decided to pursue singing as a career. She moved to Johannesburg where she sang backing vocals for various artists and made it into the Top 5 of a Gospel Star Search. In 2001 she was diagnosed with HIV and moved back to Port Shepstone.

In what seemed like a miraculous second chance when Idols arrived in Margate in June 2007, she of course entered and ended up as one of the four finalists of the competition. After impressing the public and judges alike with her vocal talent’s Tender has now released her debut Afro-Pop/Afro Soul album, titled, 'Tender Moments'. This electric debut showcases this incredible woman’s voice, spectrum of styles and never give up attitude. With 13 tracks on the album, Tender demonstrates both her vocal and lyrical range and delivers a strong and diverse offering.

Tender’s is a story of determination and talent winning through many obstacles and her voice and music reflect this in every way. With her debut album now out, Tender is taking her first steps to realising a dream nurtured since childhood. Released through Augmented Music Productions the album will be in stores and on your local radio station soon.

Contact information:
Augmented Music Productions
Management - Bheka Malishe
Tel: +27 (0)72 206 2846
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Marketing Services Media & Publicity
Michael James
+27 (0)74 192 8454
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