Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Trap Soul Singer Loyalty Blue Releases B-ready - A Flirtatious Call To Her New Confidence With Love

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A thriving nurse dropped her scrubs to seek fame as a female musician.

Pamela Morare, Ndlovu ( LOYALTYBLUE) also a producer, songwriter and a melodic trap soul artist born in Soweto Orlando west now residing in Ennerdale Johannesburg said she was willing to give up her comfortable livelihood, knowing it wouldn’t be easy to find her feet in the entertainment industry.

Discover Loyalty Blue and her brand new single B READY -

Pam (aka) Loyaltyblue had some relationship mishaps in the past as she failed to be confident in love and to freely express her emotions and herself sexually because of her strict upbringing which resulted in her being the odd one in her intimate relationships with men. Thanks to many female trap and soul artists just to mention a few Elaine, Doja Cat, Summer Walker , Cardi B and many other women in the industry who have found courage and not shame in expressing themselves as women sexually. B-Ready has helped Pam find her courage and she would like to share it with women who have and are experiencing what is seen as oddness in this century!

She plans on taking this newly discovered and untested gift from a Cupid into her next relationship and hopes to spice things up and hopes to help other women spice things up in their relationships. Pam adds a special warning for her next lover " Be ready 4 B-Ready "! and hopes that you enjoy her new single out now!

Pamela was able to achieve all that and is now ready to give music another shot and take her music internationally as a proudly South African female young artist with her melodic trap soul music and her psychedelic melodies, beats and lyrics as an addition to the whole package.