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Modelling – The Secret to a Great Posture

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Modelling – The Secret to a Great Posture

In the modelling industry, a good posture is essential for an overall great appearance in posing or ramp modelling. The best way to improve and maintain your posture is to constantly work at it whenever sitting, standing, or moving.

A proper posture consists of sitting and standing with your spine correctly aligned. This not only improves your spinal health but also assists in keeping your blood vessels and nerves healthy while supporting your muscles and ligaments, making it less likely that you will suffer from back and neck pain.

Your muscles, joints and back will need to be kept in excellent shape, which is helped by keeping fit and exercising regularly. Your back has three curves to it, which includes your neck, upper back, and lower back. These three curves need to be kept aligned to achieve a great posture.

In addition, if your abdominal, hip and leg muscles are not well-toned and strong, these muscles will not be able to support the curves of your back. Likewise, your hip, knee and ankle joints also affect your back’s natural curves and help you maintain a good posture.

To obtain a good posture when sitting, your back should be firmly against the back of the chair, your feet on the floor with your knees slightly higher than your hips. Your head should be kept up and centered above your body, and your shoulders should fall back naturally.

While standing, a good posture is achieved by keeping your entire body vertically aligned. While walking, you should retain the same vertical alignment while keeping your head up. You will also need to place equal pressure on both legs so that the bottoms of your feet take the pressure and that your entire foot is entirely and firmly placed on the ground.

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