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TN’T Teams up with different artists to unite Africa through music

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TN’T Teams up with different artists to unite Africa through music

TN’T – Tokyo Cekwa also known as ‘TC’ and Thomas Mohlapi also known as ‘Tommy Tee’ are a duo signed to Joy of Grace and are proud to announce the launch of the Afro Stars Project which took place on Friday, 10th September. The project involves different African artists who came together to translate ‘Wamuhle’ (you are beautiful in English), a song from TN’T's recently released album. The song is now being turned into an African song which involves 15 artists from different countries in Africa, 20 South African and Congolese legends who specialise in different instruments and 15 South African artists who have done the song in different genres. The artists involved are from Burundi, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The project aims to empower people all over Africa to come together and stand as one. It is also expected to create part-time employment which will lessen the burden of unemployment in South Africa. Now more than ever, it is important for Africans to stand together and support one another.

"My father Richard Siluma is a musical legend who produced for number if great artists including Lucky Dube, Stimela and Ingane Zoma. I am blessed to have him as part of this wonderful project which is close to my heart. The goal is to follow in his footsteps and achieve great things when it comes to the music industry," says Tokyo Cekwa, CEO at Joy of Grace.

The artists involved will choose a charity organisation from their country of birth to donate money to. A ten 10% donation will be made to the chosen charity organisations. A donation of sanitary towels and school uniforms will also be donated to some disadvantaged schools. In the long run, this project will see various artists from different continents coming together to create their own versions of ‘Wamuhle’. This project aims to use music as a tool to promote love, peace, unity and a stop to xenophobia.

“Since we call ourselves Africans, the entire continent is ours to work on and it is by no means that an individual can fail to make it on such huge grounds. Our time is now, to come together and explore all avenues of Africa through music,” concludes Tokyo.

The artists involved in this project include”

Fisani Moyo –Zimbabwe

Joe Wonder – DRC

Edvan Allen – Mozambique

Stanley Muwamba – Zambia

Pablo Aminu – Ghana

Calvin Mayer – Nigeria

June Omondi – Kenya

Flyboy Buja – Burundi

Tracy Yassa – Zambia

Verol Achieng – Kenya

Cindy Sanyu – Kenya

Nino – South Africa

Louis Jean – Senegal

Black Moses – South Africa

Spha Bembe – South Africa

Thapelo Khomo – South Africa

Ntokozo Zungu – South Africa

Jeph Nomvete – South Africa

Caro Ndoite – The DRC

Eve Bapela – South Africa

Salomon Mwila – The DRC

Jeremiah Mbuyambi – The DRC

Manasse Kaoma – The DRC

Mounou – Senegal

Joel Klein – Switzerland

Hadji Ndong – Senegal

Ricard Kabuya – The DRC

Joy of Grace choir – South Africa

Gcina Masuku – South Africa

Thuthukani Cele – South Africa

Mthandeni Mvelase – South Africa

Khany Maphumulo – South Africa

Tommy Tee – South Africa

Asanda – South Africa

Mr. Melodic Reloaded – South Africa

Sammy Gold – South Africa

Y2K – South Africa

Richie – S – South Africa

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