Thursday, 09 September 2021

Khathu Litshani is set to release his first EP titled The Beginning

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Khathu Litshani is set to release his first EP titled The Beginning

DJ, Comedian and influencer – Khathu Litshani, well known as DJ Khathu is set to release his first EP titled ‘The Beginning’ on Friday, 17 September 2021. The multifaceted individual has decided to get more in touch with his musical side and this EP has allowed him to do just that. The name of the EP was inspired by the fact that for the longest time, Khathu has released singles and for the first time he has put together a body of work which he would like to share with the masses.

The EP is an infusion of comedy, something that he is well known for as well as Amapiano – a genre that is currently making waves in the South African music scene. “I feel like now is the best time for me to release this project as I have been laying low and what better way to come back in the game than with a spectacular work of art?” says Khathu.

As a comedian and a DJ, Khathu is known for either making people dance or laugh and this EP allows Him to do both things at the same time. It is a true representation of who Khathu is which is why he is looking forward to sharing it with his supporters.

Khathu has been working in the entertainment industry for over twelve years and has since been achieving great things. “I can’t wait to be at gigs, playing songs from my EP and witnessing people dancing to them. I’ve put a lot of work and effort into this project, and I am positive that it will be well received by the public,” he concludes.

About Khathu Litshani
Khathutshelo Litshani better known as Abuti Nice Time or DJ Khathu was born on the 14 August 1988. He studied media at Boston Media House, where he graduated. He then landed a job as a producer on one of South Africa’s biggest youth radio stations – Y FM. He realised his talent as comedian in 2015 when he started doing comedy skits which saw his brand grow to greater lengths.

This led to him landing a deal with MTN & Vodacom as the first comedian/DJ to have a voice only caller tune in South Africa. The caller tune went to sell over 25 000 downloads in just three weeks! Abuti Nice Time is well known for being a comedian. His humorous videos get a lot of views and likes from the public and his fans. Khathu’s social media presence earned him a spot as one of South Africa’s biggest vloggers which also earned him two nominations for the FAME Awards 2016 – in the categories ‘Best Entertainer’ and ‘Best Comedian’.