Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Every day is a good day to POP OUT!

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If you reside within the Umhlanga Rocks, Springfield or Durban North areas, and really don’t want to travel far, then head off to one of these centres, Granada Square, Springfield Retail Centre or Park Boulevard where you can find just about everything you need or if you want to sit and people watch over a cup of coffee or share some tasty faire at one of the restaurants after a hard week at the office with family or friends! 

Below, we are here to give you some fun helpful guidelines…to make going to these Centres more fun! 

Remember, there are various reasons one pays a visit to your local shopping centre, it could be just to window-shop, gain some inspiration (anything from rearranging items in your home to the latest security techniques), or, just simply check out the latest trends from retail to furniture! If you like to do this alone, the benefits are that you can do so at your own pace; even get to try on a few outfits without making it an anxious outing because your kids or partner are getting bored. You can also take the time to explore places that you wouldn’t normally visit. However, on the flip side, if you do have a shopping companion who makes it double the fun, then there is that chatty cuppa get together or get your hair and nails done and spa thrown in after a day of browsing with your bestie. 

So pick a theme day that suits your shopping outing below!!!   

“Make a change” Mondays  – This is the opportunity whether you alone or not is to pop into Granada Square’s Simply Panache Hair & Beauty and get either a fresh coat of paint on your nails or a new hair style! If your change is health related, then pop into the Umhlanga Health Shop, where their team will assist you in the very best supplements and vitamins to keep you in tip-top shape.

“Choose-day” Tuesdays – Be on trend and update the little things around your home, it could be as small as a picture frame from Etchings Art Gallery, Framing and Gifts situated at Park Boulevard Shopping Centre or the Frame Edge at Springfield Retail Centre! It’s all about your choice!

“Workout” Wednesdays – To get through “hump day” of the week, motivate yourself and head off to Discovery situated at Granada Centre and enquire about their Team Vitality, where one can win a 12 week personalised running or cycling plan from Bruce Fordyce or Nic White. If not, slip on those walking shoes, take a walk around any one of these Centres, it doesn’t cost a cent but allows you the time to plan for your next shop!

“Thirsty” Thursdays - Yiroll Caffe Bake situated at Springfield Retail Centre are widely known for their delicious baguettes and coffee, and offer a delicious array of choices with their breakfast & brunch menus. Heading to Yiroll is a great way to start off the day with a friend, or should you be at Granada Square, you can pop into the Seattle Coffee Company and have your coffee just the way you like it! 

“Feelgood” Fridays – The simple things that bring a smile to our face, are some of the best moments in life, such as having brunch with your “bestie”, be it at Granada Square’s Angelo’s, Mediterraneo, or 2 on Main Restaurant and Sports Diner, to Park Boulevard’s China Plate or Andrea’s Italian Café.  For our Springfield Retail Centre residents, there is always the Hollywood Bunny Bar! What a way to end off a hard week “feeling good” by hanging out at one of these top foodie outlets! 

“Self-Care” Saturdays – Whether you alone, or with your companion or bestie, make a day of it to pamper yourselves in the name of ‘self-care’. Pop into Granada Square’s Sorbet for a facial, our a traditional Thai massage at The Thai Touch, or better still, treat yourself to a massage at La Bua Spa located at Park Boulevard. This is the ideal opportunity to “connect with yourself”! 

“Funday” Sunday – This day is dedicated to when the two best days of the week (Friday & Saturday) are over, but you aren’t quite ready to let go of the weekend just yet. 

If you haven’t had time to shop, eat or pamper yourself, head to Granada Square, Park Boulevard or Springfield Retail Centre and get ready to be spoilt for choice.

Remember to follow all Covid-19 protocol as well as phone ahead should you wish to take advantage of any activity for booking purposes and lastly, a happy shopper is a safe shopper!