Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Lionness Loneliness At The Last Word Kitara

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Lionness Loneliness At The Last Word Kitara

As the lion population within the northern sector of the Klaserie begins to bounce back since the recovery of the drought back in 2017, we have witnessed some fairly impressive changes in movements and dynamics within the area. With one specific dynamic attracting the attention of most guides and trackers within the northern Klaserie.

One morning in April, whilst out on a social media drive, we came across just one lioness who seemed to be extremely stressed and was contact calling heavily. As she was clearly showing signs of stress we decided to leave her in peace. On arrival back at the lodge we identified her as the older female of the pair and our hearts immediately sank.

From that day forward, she has only been seen on her own and there has been no sign of the younger female so we can only assume the worst. There is a very strong possibility that she was killed by another pride of lions during the drastic change in dynamics in the north. With all this being said, this lone lioness has against all odds adapted to her new way of life. On every occasion we have seen her, she has looked full bellied and healthy, her confidence also seems to be returning. It is almost as if the solitary life agrees with her.

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