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Top 5 Tools to Get Your Buttercream Queen for Christmas

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Top 5 Tools to Get Your Buttercream Queen for Christmas

Beautiful icing flowers come in a dizzying array of colours, shapes, sizes, and flavours all of which require a deft and delicate touch. To unleash your Buttercream diva and confectionery perfection, actualise your artistic ability and indulge your icing inclinations, the right tools for the culinary job are irreplaceable.

Here are the top 5 tools the Buttercream Queen simply cannot go without this Christmas:

A Buttercream Flower Nail

To get those perfect 3D petals, a flower nail is ideal as it allows you to twist and turn your mini sculpture as needed. A better range of movement while piping petals will ultimately mean better flowers on your cake at the Christmas table. Butter is also easily melted by the heat of our hands and having an icing nail prevents your flowers from melting and squishing before they are finished.

Piping Nozzles


Accuracy is essential when creating delicate and realistic buttercream flowers and the right piping nozzles for the petal is crucial. While there is a truly vast array of piping nozzles that make an almost infinite variety of flowers, the 124K,125K and 126K nozzles are specialised to have openings that vary very slightly, and extrude a thin ribbon of buttercream, allowing for far more control and dexterity. 

Grace Stevens Class Voucher


Grace will not only elevate your craft but your soul as well. Learning from other artists is essential to taking your craft to the next level. In Grace’s advanced courses, get familiar with the intricacies and chemistry behind adjusting the consistency of your buttercream according to each type of flower, play with shading for botanicals, learn different piping techniques, and experiment with new nozzles to produce perfect petals. 

Nozzle Adapter

1607517159_Nozzle_Adapter.jpg.jpgNozzle adapters are wonderful for intricate designs because they allow you to quickly change the size of your nozzles, whilst using the same piping bag, as the nozzle itself is on the outside of the bag. They are also great at adding stability to your piping bag and making 100% sure that the icing does not seep out the sides of your piping nozzle. 

Disposable Piping Bags

1607517207_Piping_Bags.jpg.jpgNot only do disposable piping bags save you hours of excruciating clean up after your day of icing, they are also made of pliable plastic, which can offer more mobility and control than their stiff canvas counterparts, especially with smaller bags. Piping bags ultimately help you achieve petaled perfection.

With these wonderful tools, tips and tricks your Buttercream Queen will be piping her way to making this Christmas the sweetest one of them all.

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