Friday, 11 December 2020

Black money love will captivate you with a thrilling love story between Ömer and Eli̇f

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Black Money Love brand new drama on Timeless Dizi Channel , Channel 123 DSTV

.Johannesburg, 11 December 2020 – “Black Money Love ‘launched this week with episode 1 of series 1 on the Timeless Dizi Channel (TDC), Channel 123 on DSTV.  “Black Money Love” is a magical love story of two soulmates who find each other in the oddest of circumstances, lovers who cannot be tempted by money.

Ömer (Engin) is a policeman whose fiancé is brutally murdered under very suspicious circumstances. Ömer suffers deeply after the death of his fiancé. Sibel, Ömer's fiancée’s body was found on top of a cliff, in a car next to an older, rich business man. As the shock of Sibel’s sudden death and the accusations of his love cheating on him lessens, Ömer realises that there is more to her suspicious murder and he vows to do anything to find her murderer and clear her name. Ömer makes it his soul purpose to find the murderer.

Elif (Tuba) is a rich designer and the middle child of three girls of Ahmet and Zerrin. Elif loses her father to a murder where his body is found in the same car as Ömer's fiancé. While still grieving her father’s death, Elif is threatened by the Mafia who are searching for millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds that her father had stolen to pay debts that his family were unaware of. As Elif discovers that her father was involved in the 'black money’ trade, she takes over her father’s seedy illicit business.

Ömer and Elif’s paths cross and they join forces in their quest for answers about who murdered their loved ones. Their quest will have them tracking the elusive diamonds. On their hunt for the “Black Money “(the diamonds), they will struggle with their intense and unexpected attraction to each other.  Unbeknownst to them someone else is also after 'The Diamonds'. The more Ömer and Elif try to get away from each other the more dark secrets will tie them together, as little do, they know that the leader of the villains is a man who Elif calls uncle. A man who knows all their secrets and who is always just one step ahead of Elif and Ömer.

The race to be the first ones to find the diamonds and the twist and turns on the road to “True Love” are the main drivers of the plot of this dramatic top-rated series. If you missed out on the launch episode you can “Binge Watch “and catch up on the week’s episodes on Sunday 13 December 2020 from 11:10 AM CAT onwards.