Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Innovative Aluminium Foil Packaging Solutions for South Africa

Written by
Wyda South Africa

Sweet or savoury? 

No matter what delicious treats you are preparing in the oven, Wyda South Africa has aluminium trays, dishes and forms in all shapes and sizes suitable for baking, delivered fresh out of the oven or for freezing and re-heating and our aluminium foil prices are the best in the market.

We are solutions-oriented and committed to delivering top quality aluminium foil products and services to the Southern and Western African food, baking and catering industries. Our customers can rely on the dependability and versatility of aluminium foil food containers as they combine all the features needed to deliver the consumer fresh, wholesome and quickly accessed baked products to satisfy their demand for quality and value.

Bright and reflective, containers made of aluminium foil stay in perfect condition throughout processing (and marketing). It can withstand the extremes of all types of baking: grilling, fan and convection oven, barbecue griddle and microwave oven as well as re-heating. They are easy to handle, easy to open, easy to use and to dispose of.

Foil’s characteristics satisfy the many demands of chilled or frozen bakery products. Thanks to its ready formability and robustness, aluminium foil can provide a large variety of standard shapes and sizes. 

These are the most popular Wyda trays and dishes for baking: 


Medium sized aluminium foil dish with 198mm diameter and 550ml capacity. This dish is perfect for small pies – sweet or savoury.W3001: Light-duty, medium sized milk-tart aluminium foil dish with 400ml capacity.

The Wyda W3001 is simply made for baking tarts. The rim style is full curl. Pack size: 250 and there is an optional lid to go with this dish. For heavy duty choose the WHD3001 – a heavy-duty, medium sized milk-tart aluminium foil dish with 400ml capacity.


Small aluminium foil loaf pan with 550ml capacity. This smaller pan is ideal for Madeira Loafs. With a dimension of 200L x 87W x 48H it is great to stack and store.NEW: W4041 Swiss strudel tray which may also be used for baklava, pizza bread and mini various rolls.NEW: W1081: Christmas mince pies with 40ml capacity and 3 holes.

And finally, our special colourful aluminium products for baking for special occasions, during Easter or Christmas season: WHRT-RED – a red coloured aluminium cupcake in heart shape with optional clip-on PET lid. This colourful addition to our range is not only for Valentine’s. It can be used for baking as well as decoration or cookies on all festive occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Xmas or Easter.Adding even more versatility is a range of purpose designed lidding materials – from straightforward foil/board laminates to more sophisticated coated or laminated alufoil lids that can be sealed to the container rim yet peel off easily.T

Try baking with Wyda South Africa, you will not be disappointed!