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Monday, 20 July 2020 11:41

City of Courage Tour - Mandela Day

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City of Courage Tour - Mandela Day

Join Luke Lamprecht And Fight With Insight Runners On An Iconic And Historical Mandela Day Run Past Key Inner City Mandela Landmarks In Aid Of Gender-Based Violence Activism In The Inner City

To commemorate Mandela Day (18 July 2020), and on behalf of the Inner City CAN collective, famed Gender Activist,  Luke Lamprecht will be running through the Inner City of Johannesburg visiting key Mandela landmarks and spreading the message against Gender Based Violence. Accompanying him are a group of young activists, members of the Fight with Insight programme, led by Lamprecht, which uses boxing inclusively for upliftment,  consciousness and coping skills for traumatised and stressed at-risk inner-city youth.

Already 67 runners from the group have been filmed running the route. This footage, and the actual run on the day will be available via a broadcast platform on 18 July from 9h00. Along with some enlightening discussions with Gender Based Violence (GBV) activists, and insights on the key Mandela “moments/monuments” in the city.

Beneficiaries of this project are inner city residents and organisations who have been served, or partnered with, the Inner City CAN Collective during lockdown. These include: Fight with Insight, Women and Men Against Child Abuse, Africa Awake - which focuses on xenophobia, the Angel Network - key founders of all the Gauteng Community Action Networks that were established at the start of lockdown, and inner city foundation, Ingelosi Foundation.

The route of theCITY OF COURAGE VIRTUAL TOUR Mandela Day Run:

  • Commences at the iconic Mandela Bridge in Braamfontein, the runners
  • Proceed  downtown to Mandela and Tambo’s original law firm, now reconstructed, by Johannesburg Development Agency, in Chancellor House:
  • Past Marco Cianfanelli’s sculpture of Mandela the boxer – drawn from Bob Gosani’s original photograph of Mandela found in Chancellor House - opposite the Magistrate’s Court;
  • on to Gandhi Square;
  • the High Court,
  • through the Fashion District to
  • Maboneng and past the 10-storey mural of Mandela the boxer, from that same photograph, by Cape Town-based street artist Ricky Lee Gordon (aka Freddy Sam) which commenced four days after Mandela’s death
  • up Joe Slovo Drive into Hillbrow
  • Past the Twilight Children Project
  • To the iconic Constitutional Court which harboured Mama Winnie Mandela in the Women’s Jail,
  • Past Hillbrow Police Station
  • Concluding at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

Luke and his team regularly run this route, and all social distancing protocols will be followed on Mandela Day as these young men traverse the City of Courage, where so many vulnerable people are standing up to the scourge of GBV on a daily basis.

The Inner City CAN collective and their partners support President Ramaphosa’s 5-point plan to tackle GBV and have invited key speakers to impart their knowledge and provide insights into the challenges of dealing with GBV during the course of the broadcast.  These 5 points are: The prevention of ongoing GBV; strengthening the Criminal Justice System; enhancing the legal and policy framework; ensuring adequate care, support and healing for victims of violence; and improving the economic power of women.

Tickets to watch the race virtually are on sale through Quicket ( https://qkt.io/Or4Nct) and cost R 100.  Buyers can also sponsor a runner on Mandela Day which will help to cover our costs.  There will be opportunities to make live donations during the broadcast as well as on, or before, the tour on Quicket. 

Supporters are also encouraged to do their own runs or walks on Mandela Day, wearing orange as a show of solidarity. 

All proceeds, after expenses,xs will be earmarked to organisations that combat and support victims of GBV in the Inner City. 

Our partners include Fight with Insight, WMACA (Women and Men Against Child Abuse), The Angel Network, Ingelosi Foundation and Afrika Awake.  These organisations are active members of the Inner City community and are focussed on helping the courageous victims of Gender Based Violence.


Facebook Addresses:- @FightwithInsight, @WMACAKidz, @AngelNetworkSA, @ingelosifoundation, @InnerCityCollective, @Afrika Awake

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