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The Logis Universal Accessories range from Hansgrohe will enhance your bathroom in every detail

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The Logis Universal Accessories range from Hansgrohe will enhance your bathroom in every detail

Are you looking for the perfect accessories that will add to your bathrooms charm and distinctive style? Look no further than Hansgrohe’s Logis Universal Accessories. Hansgrohe has always been a step ahead, offering products that offer a better and more sustainable bathroom experience.

So much to choose from!
The Logis Universal Accessories range offers high quality products that range from towel racks, toothbrush tumblers, liquid soap dispensers, towel rings, toilet brush holders and lots of other useful additions. Thanks to their modern, timeless design, these accessories provide the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom.

Attractive design with high quality material
The Logis Universal Accessories are not only stylish, they are also made of high-quality material so that they can withstand frequent usage. The toilet brush holders have a metal bracket while they are made of ceramic or crystal glass. There is also a combination of materials in the soap dispensers and toothbrush tumblers. The towel racks can be fixed to the wall using a metal bracket, while the rails themselves are made from sturdy brass.

Affordable, updated look
One of the amazing things about the Logis Universal Accessories range is that it can be installed in existing bathrooms, giving them an updated, modern look without you having to spend a lot of money. This range is also an ideal fixture for new bathrooms as the concealed attachment ensures beauty and functionality – in one easy step.

The best choice
The Logis Universal range of accessories offers the ultimate bathroom experience – the faultless modern lines, the durable easy to clean chrome surfaces and the attractive prices all go a long way to ensuring that this range is the primary choice of the handyman, professionals and all home owners.

In addition, these practical aides make the bathroom look very neat and tidy.

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