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Tuesday, 16 June 2020 19:15


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Imagine watching 60-odd years of authentic South African musical history unfold live in a curated and interactive online broadcast filled with storytelling, celebrity appearances and of course, musical performances that will stir the emotions and bring back all those memories?

This is exactly what will be playing out in a few thousand lounges across South Africa and beyond from 28 June! Never has it happened, nor is it likely to repeat in quite the same way again. Who could have predicted what we’re all living through now? The new normal.

A group of celebrated South African musicians decided to celebrate the upside of a global leveller the scale that manages, for the first time ever, to get no less than 50 of South Africa’s best and most applauded entertainment artists, streaming the power of music to us all in this one very special and decidedly unique Lockdown Legends production.

Launched as an initiative to raise funds for music professionals directly affected by the devastating impact of Covid-19 which has left artists and music industry professionals grappling with their collective inability to generate a much-needed income, Lockdown Legends intends to support those who defined generations of music we all still love and cherish to this day.

Hosted by COVID-Zero, Lockdown Legends is filled with wonderful storytelling and equally compelling live performances by many of the legendary SA pop & rock artists, bands & DJs of the '60s, ’70s, ’80s, '90s and now - many of whom reunited and/or gave their time and talent to perform exclusively for this event.

The 50-act lineup certainly covers the spectrum of South African music icons – including big names from the 60s, 70s and 80s like The Staccatos, Clout, PJ Powers & Hotline, Cinema and Wendy Oldfield, all the way through to current day legends such as Dr Victor, Danny K and Vicky Sampson.

With some soulful Afro-Pop tribute performances by Lloyd Cele and newcomer Steve Umculo thrown in, as well as contributions from luminary DJs Benjy Mudie, David Gresham, Sam Lehoko and a handful of others; this big night “in” promises to be a once in a lifetime experience for both old and young.

75% of the proceeds will be channelled directly to the musicians who have worked on this project and 25% to other music industry professionals all feeling the Covid-19 blow.  So, if you’re invested in a slice of lyrical and melodic history, which we all are, Sunday 28th June 2020 from 8:15pm is where and when the magic reveals itself, all for a donation of R10, R20, R50 or R100. That’s less than a cup of coffee and it’s likely to create a much longer-lasting high.  Book on COVID-Zero.

Images, trailer videos and more press material are available on https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wrc9c91jp9c8jc4/AAAdUU5RLs_aeiOD8lqw4w-pa?dl=0

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