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Air Conditioner and Fan Hire

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Air Conditioner and Fan Hire

Make your outdoor event bright and breezy with these must-have amenities

Event hosting and planning can be a daunting task in and of itself, with endless nuances and necessities to keep track of and bring together to make your event function, let alone be as spectacular as you’re hoping for it to be.

This is especially true for outdoor events, where you’re not bringing your event to already equipped facilities, but bringing the facilities to wherever you intend on hosting your event in the great outdoors. It can seem mountainous but don’t be overwhelmed and under-prepared for your event by preparing for every possibility and eventuality.

Enrich your event with to-hire equipment from Cozi Hire

We don’t just supply our clients with tents for their events. We go the extra mile to supply them with all the event equipment they could need, from raised decking to furniture, glass and fibreglass doors to flooring, and portable toilets to event security. But most importantly, in this economic and environmental climate, Cozi Hire provides industrial generators and air conditioners of varying sizes to clients.

Keep any event going even if the lights don’t – opt for a generator!

Electricity is a necessity at most events, and you can’t rely on their being sufficient power sources wherever you’re hosting. Additionally, load shedding can strike at any given opportunity, making generators essential for ensuring your event doesn’t come to a standstill when the grid fails. A stable power supply also ensures you have uninhibited access to amenities such as bars, kitchens, lights and sound systems, all of which make an event all that much more spectacular.

Maintain ideal room temperature with the right air conditioner and fan units

A power supply also gives you ready access to air conditioners and industrial fans. Large enclosed spaces can get warm and stuffy quickly even on a cold winters day, and this is compounded further on one of Cape Town’s blisteringly hot summer afternoons. But even the most fickle South African weather doesn’t match up to powerful air conditioners, available in small to medium sizes with a range of 2000 BTU (British thermal units) to 240 000 BTU. This is more than enough to regulate the temperature and humidity inside even the largest of outdoor tents.

This should undoubtedly be your top priority, as temperatures in South Africa can fluctuate drastically from uncomfortably cold to unbearably hot on any given day. No one wants to deal with disgruntled guests on their big day, especially at galas, conferences and weddings where guests spend most of their time seated.

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Cozi Hiring

We cater to all types of corporate events, functions, weddings, conferences, concerts, markets and any other outdoor occasions. Whether you are hosting for a small delegate of 10 people or a large list of 200 guests, Cozi will be able to assist you with your best option.

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