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Tuesday, 03 March 2020 08:22

Soweto based Gspot LoveStyle introduces its e-commerce site

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Mmathabo Ndlovu GSpot LoveStyle

Innovative Soweto adult entertainment retailer GSpot LoveStyle introduces its e-commerce site www.gspotlovestyle.co.za.

GSpot LoveStyle is a registered contemporary adult shop, the first of its kind in Soweto, which opened its doors in October 2018.

They believe sexual freedom as the ultimate expression of self and that is why they're passionate about getting you to own your sexuality.They aim to create healthy dialogue around sexual wellness, satisfaction and education. 

According to the owner, Mmathabo Ndlovu, the online store will offer a new dimension and allow for a more efficient service in response to their rapid growth and demand from other parts of the country outside their base in Soweto.  

"We have had to refine our logistics which will now allow for easy and convenient service, which integrates our online store with our social media community", says Ndlovu.

The online store is designed to be interactive, user-friendly and provide easy access to information relating to all the products in-store.


More Info on GSpot LoveStyle e-commerce website and to shop: www.gspotlovestyle.co.za

Twitter: @GSpotLoveStyle

Instagram: @GSpotLoveStyle

Facebook:  Gspot LoveStyle

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