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Friday, 15 November 2019 19:03

NEW Roksan K3 CD Player Finest Sound for the Film-o- and audio-phile

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The Roksan K3 CD Player is officially available in South Africa, through the Homemation distribution network. The K3 was conceived to offer a solution for the demands of music lovers in the current audio market and comprises some of the finest sound and stylish audio products available. With Roksan’s long experience in audio research and development and their meticulous approach to design using advanced technology, the K3 range of source players and amplification delivers useful features, superior build quality and excellent performance.

The K3 CD Player offers analogue and digital outputs as well digital inputs. Speciality selected components include an advanced precision crystal master clock and a high quality internal 24 bit/192 kHz DAC which results in a smooth open sound full of detail. Vocals are clean and lyrical; rhythms are solid and tight. The Roksan K3 CD delivers an involving musical performance ensuring maximum enjoyment from every disc played.

Features:Superior build qualityHigh quality PCM1798 24 bit / 192 kHz DAC75 Ohm RCA gold plated RCA digital inputOptical Toslink digital inputHigh precision, custom made Master Clock Crystal110 Ohm balanced gold plated XLR digital outputGold plated RCA analogue outputsFront loading CD drawerDisplay showing track number, time elapsed, time remainingShuffle playCD Digital Audio System (CD, CD-R, CD-RW)  Recommend Retail Price: R 34 990.

Available exclusively through the Homemation distribution network.   Roksan was founded in 1985 by Tufan Hashemi and Touraj Moghaddam, graduates of the University of London, Imperial College London and Queen Mary College. The name Roksan itself is derived from the name of Roxana, daughter of the Persian King Darius. This closely reflects the Persian heritage and roots of the Founders.

When Moghaddam, having just obtained his PhD at Imperial College, became dissatisfied with the state of the audio arts when he heard his little TV set more musically satisfying than his already high-end (non Roksan) turntable/tri-amped audio system, he began experimenting. Moghaddam built a prototype using a fire door. Hashemi, a friend who had heard the radical new prototype turntable instantly wanted one. They teamed up to start the company.

The concept stunned the trade when it was demonstrated at the 1985 hi-fi show where the Xerxes Turntable was launched. Soon after, Roksan’s expertise was poured into amplification and digital sources. These designs continue to set the standard for high-end music reproduction. Roksan also remain a true innovator and developer of high-end vinyl replay. The combination of innovation, sound quality and reliability has given Roksan an enviable reputation since day one.In November 2016, British loudspeaker manufacturers Monitor Audio Ltd acquired Roksan.

With Monitor Audio, Roksan will be revising and refining current products and of course developing innovative and desirable new products.Homemation is a specialist supplier of premium branded audiovisual, home automation and home theatre products. The brands in their stable offer some of the most advanced and sought-after AV and home automation in the world. Homemation has the exclusive distribution, in Africa, of global leading brands such as Control4, Definitive Technology, Denon, Heos, Klipsch, Monitor Audio, Polk Audio, Steinway Lyngdorf, Stewart Filmscreen, SVS, Lutron and now Roksan.

Call Homemation on 011-781 8887 for your nearest stockist, or visit www.homemation.co.za ; Facebook ; Twitter and Instagram

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