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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 14:33


{pp}The popular Kloof Rotary Anns’ annual ‘Open Gardens’ will be culminating once again in the beautiful and expansive environs of Le Domaine. Located in the scenic, rolling hills of Hillcrest where homes nestle comfortably between stunning waterways and a landscape rich in indigenous plant and bird life, Le Domaine is widely recognised as one of the country’s best and sensitively landscaped property developments in the country.

The gardens that have been selected for this year’s horticultural opus include a water feature dominated garden at 12 Buckingham Road, which is home to numerous water fowl. No. 3 Beechwood in Gillitts is a small and formalised garden which showcases the best of structured design, with a square shaped pool area acting as a prime focus for visitors.

The equestrian loving property at 56 Jan Smuts Avenue in Winston Park, Hillcrest, is a delightfully large and lush property, complete with stables and green pastures.

The fourth garden is located at No 12 Emoyeni Road, parallel to Hospital Road in Hillcrest and overlooking the verdant Assagay valley and this steep garden is a prime example of sensitive indigenous planting. The final garden for green fingered lovers is the restored landscaped haven of Le Domaine. With an emphasis on enhancing the natural environment, a detailed landscaping plan and planting palette has been put in place throughout the 30 hectare estate of Le Domaine.

This planting palette comprises mainly indigenous plants specifically chosen to provide a safe and harmonious environment for small animals, birds and insects that form part of this balanced, self-sustaining eco-system. While there are no planting restrictions within residents’ exclusive use areas, all are encouraged to follow the indigenous planting palette and to make use of Le Domaine’s two-tier gardening and maintenance service.

Le Domaine is passionate about the environment and apart from using building design that complements the natural surroundings, the philosophy is to reintroduce the environmental corridor found along the inside boundary wall.

This will cover the previous mono-culture of the sugarcane fields. Maintenance is kept exclusively to weeding as this is not intended to be a manicured system. A total of 2.8km of waterways and ponds have been created, including the Prehistoric Pond with its white-flowered Baobab tree, the Indigenous Tree Fern Pond with its Common Tree Fern, the Flamingo Pond which features pink flowering plants like the Pampon tree and Forest Indigo tree, and the Protea Pond with its diverse array of South Africa’s national flower. Other notable indigenous plants include the Kniphofias, popular with nectar feeding birds, five variants of Acacia found in Le Domaine’s Acacia Pond, as well as a variety of African grasses, palms, Strelitzias and succulent plants such as Aloes.

There are currently 32 active Rotary Anns in the Kloof branch. The Anns assist the Rotarians with their projects but also initiate and support projects of their own, such as the ‘Open Gardens’. All monies raised by the Anns are used to support a number of carefully selected charitable projects, which include the Kloof Rest Home, Fulton School for the Deaf, Argus School and Christmas Hampers for the Needy.

The Rotary Anns’ Open Gardens will be held on Saturday, the 20th and Sunday, the 21st September 2008 from 09h30 to 16h30.

Tickets are R30 per person and will be available on the day from any of the gardens on show. Tickets are also available for purchase before the weekend from the Village Mall Spar in Kloof, Richdens Spar in Hillcrest and Waterfall Spar. For more information, please contact Gunilla on 083 262 8285 or Ingrid on 082 459 2146.

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