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Albert Frost to play at Calexico on Saturday afternoon, 20 July

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Albert Frost to play at Calexico on Saturday afternoon, 20 July

For the past two decades the energetic performances of SAMA award-winning blues/rock guitarist/singer Albert Frost has captivated audiences attention worldwide.

Dubbed the “South African Hendrix”, Frost deftly alternates between rhythm and lead, showcasing his extraordinary skills on acoustic and electric guitars. His first love is the Blues, stemming from the influence of his long relationship with the Blues Broers, a well-known and respected group from Cape Town with whom he performed from 1994 at the age of 17.

In 2000 Frost became one of the first Fender endorsees in South Africa and has been linked with the brand ever since.

He has recorded with Arno Carstens, Koos Kombuis, Chris Chameleon, Anton Goosen, David Kramer, Karen Zoid, Blues Broers and many others. He has performed with every major artist in South Africa as well as international artists like Ali Farka Touré and Finley Quaye. He has toured with Simple Minds and Rem, and supported the Rolling Stones. Albert has performed at legendary and exclusive international music festivals including Isle of Wight, Hard Rock Calling and OppiKoppi.

April 2016 saw the release of his much anticipated third solo album, The Wake Up, which, according to Frost, signals the “start of a new journey” for him. In a departure from Frost’s blues roots, The Wake Up explores various musical avenues and lyrical content to create something he says will surprise and excite his fans. The album won in the coveted Best Rock Album category at the 2017 SAMA Awards.

After a very successful 2017 Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees, Frost was nominated for a Kanna award as well as a kykNET-Fiëstas 2018 for the Best Music Production for the two shows: with Loki Rothman (The Acoustic Guitar) and with Zolani Mahola (Rok en Rol.) In December Albert Frost was also invited to perform with Henry Ate at Kirstenbosch
Botanical Gardens opening for the Scottish band TEXAS.

His patent enjoyment of the music he performs and his instruments as well as his charming rapport with the audience, keeps his admirers captivated and returning for more.


  • Albert Frost Solo
  • 2002 Catfish (Albert Frost Productions)
  • 2009 Devils and Gods (Albert Frost Productions)
  • 2016 The Wake Up (Albert Frost Productions)

  • Frosted Orange - Albert Frost & Simon Orange
  • 2002 My Love is a Leopard (Cape Tone Records)

  • The Blues Broers
  • 1994 Damn Fine Mojo (Guava Records)
  • 1995 Sharp Street (Guava Records)
  • 1996 Been Around (Guava Records)
  • 1998 Cellar Tapes (Guava Records)
  • 2011 Out of the Blue (Guava Records)
  • 2014 Into the Red (Guava Records)

  • The Albert Frost Trio – featuring Schalk Joubert and Kevin Gibson
  • 2013 Live in Grahamstown (Albert Frost Productions)

  • Collaborations
  • 2000 Blou Kombuis with Koos Kombuis (JNS Music)
  • 2004 Another Universe with Arno Carstens (Sony Music)
  • 2005 The Hello Goodbye Boys with Arno Carstens (Sony Music)

  • Albums Produced
  • 2007 Myburgh - Woestyn
  • 2016 Albert Frost - The Wake Up
  • 2017 Zengeance - A Suburban Manifesto

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