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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 13:12

“We’re all going on a summer holiday" with GLAD in our bags!

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Super Strong Forceflex Swing Bags

GLAD are must-have holiday season survival tools, both in the kitchen and on your travels! For road trips, day trips, camping or jet setting there are hundreds of uses for the versatile GLAD products, as your trusty travel companions. Whatever your festive travel plans, stock up on these essentials, you will be glad you did!

On route to friends, family and destinations; With GLAD Press’n Seal you can turn any cup into a travel cup, simply seal the top of the cup or glass, lift and sip.GLAD Handi-Covers, elasticised food covers, are ideal for covering all sorts of bowls; metal, glass, wood and plastic, the tight elastic seal helps keep food fresher for longer and they can be used over and over again!

They are perfect for family gatherings, picnics or when transporting plates of food to a dinner party or braai.The re-invented GLAD Ice Cube Bags are a must to make creative ice cubes with your favourite drink.Pack salad ingredients, sliced fruit, sandwiches and nuts in GLAD Resealable Zip Seal Bags to keep them fresh while travelling. They’re great for taking leftovers home too.Keep salad dressing or sauces in a small GLAD Resealable Zip Seal Bag for picnics. To serve, simply snip the corner of the bag and pour. 

General Travel Tips;When by the pool, sea or any body of water – keep your phone and electronics safe, secure and dry in a GLAD Zip Seal Bag or protected with either GLAD Cling Wrap or GLAD Press’n Seal.When camping, store toilet paper in a GLAD Zip Seal bag to keep it clean, dry and accessible.GLAD Press'n Seal makes perfect vitamin packets when travelling - make little pouches for doses of medication or vitamins when you don’t want to carry the whole bottle. Cut a small piece of GLAD Press’n Seal, place your pills in the centre of one side and fold over so the wrap tightly seals. Your medicine will stay clean in your pocket or purse for later and it saves space.

Or you can use Glad Zip Seal Snack Bags.Protect valuable travel documents such as airline tickets, passports and visas in GLAD Zip Seal Bags.Put a couple of GLAD Forceflex Swingbin Bags in your luggage to keep your dirty laundry in and separate from clean items.  The number of uses for GLAD innovative products is endless! Take them along on your holiday travels for convenient and quick solutions. GLAD wishes you safe travels and Happy Holidays! All GLAD products are made for your convenience with the purpose of keeping your food fresh for longer.

GLAD – Saving good food. From going bad. Please visit www.glad.co.za for more information and follow ‘GLAD SOUTH AFRICA’ on Facebook; Available in the GLAD aisle of most supermarkets

Website: glad.co.za
Facebook: facebook.com/gladsouthafrica Glad

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