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Thursday, 11 October 2018 11:23

Becoming an actor/ actress in South Africa

Written by 
Micharn Polllock

South African actress and model, Micharn Pollock, who has featured in international movies and TV programmes, gives aspiring actors and actresses in SA some advice on how to make it one of the toughest industries:

1. Take acting classes – part time workshops are also great if you’re unable to study full time.
2. Sign up to IMDb and keep it updated.
3. Have professional head-shots taken by a reputable head-shots photographer.
4. Audition as often as possible so that you become comfortable with the process.
5. Remember that rejection is part of the process so don’t let it crush your spirit!
6. Build your resume – short films and student films are a great start if you have no experience yet.
7. Practice daily to keep your skills sharp.
8. Make sure you can do both a British and American accent as many international productions filmed in South Africa require this.
9. Once you’re ready, get an agent.
10. Make sure that you feed your agent with new information about projects you’re involved with and new accents/training that you’ve done.

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