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Monday, 08 October 2018 08:42

Indulge in a ‘Staycation’ for a change of pace

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Beat the exchange rate and travel locally!

Indulge in a ‘Staycation’ for a change of pace!  Staycations can be just as valuable as unusual retreats! Indulge in a mini vacation by exploring South African boutique hotels. A five-star experience is much closer and more easily accessible than you can conceive.   Some live by the philosophy that it is not a holiday unless you are living better than you do at home. The staycation is the perfect example of this, you may not be going far but you are going somewhere special! With the money you save on air tickets, car rental and possibly foreign currency you can afford a five-star experience locally.

Our checklist for the basics of a relaxing vacation; A luxurious hotel room that makes you feel like royaltyA sexy pool area with cocktails and comfortable loungingDelicious mealsBeautiful surroundingsLocal places of interestAn upmarket spa  A recommendation for the ultimate staycation, or romantic date night getaway splurge, is the Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa which ticks all the boxes. It is an oasis within our very own Joburg metropolis! Five-star living that is an experience within itself. Fairlawns boasts four restaurants with a variety of dining experiences and new menus, beautiful gardens and rolling lawns, a very sexy pool and spa area and its close to the best shopping in Africa and many national treasures and places of interest.

When holidaying at home, it is important to make it feel like a holiday. A holiday from routine, from chores… do it differently this year and make the most of local. You can easily do this by visiting local tourist attractions. Plan day trips and discover new cuisines. By changing it up, your staycation can feel adventurous, spontaneous and recuperative too! If you’re bringing the kids with you, The Tree House Studio at Fairlawns is ideal. Named for its positioning with fantastic views, it is a two-bedroom family suite with a state-of-the-art kitchen, lounge and dining room. And if you’re travelling for business, the suite is ideal for meetings, plus plenty of space to extend your trip and bring the family.   Fairlawns continues to bring you unique spaces and enchanting experiences to suit your every need or preference. The venue keeps on delighting and surprising us with more!

To book call Fairlawns on 011-808 7300 or visit www.fairlawns.co.za. About Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa, an award-winning five-star boutique hotel, is conveniently situated in the Sandton suburb of Morningside Manor, Sandton.   With close attention to detail and exceptional service, Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa creates an intimate atmosphere where some of the globe’s most vibrant personalities converge.

The chic, upscale suites are individually decorated in varying themes ranging from Eastern influence to French provincial, each featuring every desired modern amenity. The hotel also caters to a variety of culinary tastes with an array of elegant dining experiences to choose from.   Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa offers the upmarket guest a delicate mix of luxury and convenience, whether the visit is for leisure or business. The stylish hotel, has an air of eclectic sophistication, considered a ‘home away from home’, where exceptional service and heartfelt hospitality can be soaked up like the African sun.

Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa opens up a whole world of relaxation, complimented with superior service, a personal touch and always surprising guests by transporting them to sanctuary that appeals to all six senses. A unique, exclusive, up-market oasis.

Telephone: 011 808 7300
Website: fairlawnshotel.co.za
Facebook: facebook.com/FairlawnsBoutiqueHotel
Instagram: @fairlawnsboutiquehotel

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