Wednesday, 08 August 2018

Mo’s Meats 

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Mo’s Meats 

Mohamed, or “Mo” as most people know him as, is adding his touch to the popular community centre, Park Boulevard, by opening his new butchery, catering specifically to the Halal community.

This butchery is a great addition to the centre, as it provides only the best halal products, with a wide selection of meats. Conveniently located next to the Spar in Park Boulevard, it’s the perfect location for any on-the-go person, and Mo has made sure to cater for everyone’s needs, offering a wide spectrum of meats, from chicken skewers, to beef sausages, and everything in between. 

An absolute must-try is Mo’s speciality dish, his chicken tikka! It’s succulent and marinated to perfection, and goes excellently with naan bread or rice. This Marrakesh marinade is homemade, and well-loved by many. “It’s a little spicy, and really adds such a great flavour to any meat”, says Mo.  

Originally from Egypt, Mo has been living in South Africa for the last 22 years, and enjoys combining the flavours from the Middle East and South Africa, which creates the unique and tantalizing flavours that he’s so well known for. 

Check out Mo’s new spot, Mo’s Meats, in Park Boulevard, 11 Browns Drift Road, Umgeni Park- there are great opening specials that you won’t want to miss!

For more information, give him a call on 078 014 2497.