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Wednesday, 21 May 2008 18:56

Pamper your body, mind and soul at Sinzinani

{pp}Sinzinani Day Spa forms part of the Rietvlei Wellness Centre on Rietvlei Zoo Farm, South of Johannesburg. Our beauty therapists dress in African designed uniforms, and the Sinzanani colours of burnt orange, red and yellow, display a warm African feel throughout the day.

The word Sinzinani stands for “we help the people and the people help us”. Sinzinani Day Spa offers Full Day and Half Day pampering packages. A FULL DAY package would consist of a full body massage, pampering manicure and pedicure, facial, head treatment, and body scrub and wrap. A HALF DAY package would include full body massage, head treatment and a body scrub and wrap.

All packages include breakfast and/or lunch and unlimited beverages. Sinzinani Day Spa is a female owned company that supports black empowerment, community upliftment and job creation. Sinzinani Day Spa sponsors a group of African Ladies, on a bursary basis, by educating, training and qualifying them as Beauty Therapists. Behind the Spa, we have set up a Sinzinani School and we have employed our own lecturer. We have taken a 3 year diploma and condensed it into a 1 year intensive programme.

As Sinzinani students, our students will gain knowledge, experience and understanding of spa etiquette and they gain working experience and qualifying hours whilst they are studying. Once qualified, they will be equipped and empowered with everything they need to work within the beauty industry and perhaps even own their own spa or salon one day.

Our goal is to establish a fully fledged Sinzinani School so that we can empower, educate and uplift many more African ladies as Beauty Therapists and thereafter open more Sinzinani Day Spa branches (owned and run by our qualified students) throughout Johannesburg and thereafter throughout South Africa. When it comes to pampering your body, mind and soul, Sinzinani’s rates are very affordable and offer true value for money.

The Sinzinani Spa experience is an excellent corporate incentive. It is cost effective and close to the CBD. Transport can be arranged to collect and return staff to a designated meeting point.

Contact Information:
Sinzinani Day Spa
tel: 074 380 2177
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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