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Thursday, 12 July 2018 11:22

Lil Pain making waves with his new single “Sometimes”

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Lil Pain making waves with his new single “Sometimes”

Kabelo Tshoshi is ready to make his mark in the Music Industry.

The young rapper from Nellmapius in Pretoria recently released a single titled Sometimes.

In the song he raps about patience and hard work that great things take sometimes, it’s not overnight.

“My single comes plainly with the introduction of a new sound, I wanna touch people’s lives through my music,”  said Kabelo, who is better known as Lil Pain.

“The sound is meant for both local and international music lovers.”

He said his love of music started when he was very young at the early age of 8.

“One of the days I stole my father’s drums in the store room when he was at work and played with it  whole day singing traditional songs, that’s when I fell in love with music deeply” Kabelo AKA Lil Pain draws inspiration from SA Hip-hop artist Cassper Nyovest and Kabelo Mabalana.

“Cassper Nyovest is someone I look up to because he is one of the Hipjop artists in the country.”

Kabelo (Lil Pain) is planning a tour, under the theme #SometimesctivationTour, promoting his sound to music lovers.

He has shared the stage with artists such as J Molly and other Big names.

The song can be listened to on Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/user-569064528/sometimes-clean

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