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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 09:42

New dance merges sound, motion and technology

New dance merges sound, motion and technology

Award-winning Darkroom Contemporary launches its new interdisciplinary performance project-In C I DOUBLE BILL. This vibrant, contemporary programme merges sound, motion and technology in a series of innovative representations of new dance. In C is made possible by a grant from the National Lotteries Commission. 

They have been nominated for Best contribution to Visual Arts, including Public Arts by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport: Western Cape Government, Awards takes place on 3 March.

This company is recognized for their innovative approach to presenting and reimagining dance theatre. They return with a vibrant programme of dance fusing digital soundscapes, interactive motion technology, and experiential approaches to contemporary performance. 

In C will be staged as part of the 30th Dance Umbrella festival from 10 - 11 March at 18:00 and 14:30 respectively at the Dance Factory in Gauteng. The premiere of clone will take place from 15 - 16 March at the William Kentridge’s Centre For The Less Good Idea, in Jozi. In C I DOUBLE BILL then returns to Cape Town for a performance run at the Magnet Theatre from 20 - 25 March

This project is a continuation of Darkroom Contemporary’s mission of developing sustainable employment and skills development opportunities within the performing arts sector. 

A series of collaborative performances, interactive installations, educational workshops, and forum discussions has been set up as par to this event. In C is made possible by a grant from the National Lotteries Commission. (The Baxter Theatre assisted with funding towards the initial production of IN C in 2016) 

clone is produced through additional support from the Centre For The Less Good Idea and the Western Cape Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport

These performances will include space for audiences to experience the project’s interactive motion sensor installation - a sonic playground where everybody becomes a dance maker and a composer, using their own motion to create unique soundscapes and movement phrases in real time. Created in collaboration with some of Cape Town’s leading composers, musicians and designers, this double bill consists of two dynamic dance works by choreographer Louise Coetzer, clone and In C, both featuring live music

Evolving from its ongoing campaigns to share dance with a broader audience, Darkroom Contemporary’s Artistic Director Louise Coetzer amplifies this mission to place dance at the centre of our urban, technologically driven landscape through In C, “ I approach dance-making as a medium for narrative and connection - that of the bodies within space, but also with the aim of connecting dance as an art form to the world outside the studio or theatre, and to other art forms. In an age of technology, digital media and mass visual overload, my interests stretch towards allowing dance to interact with unexpected fields - especially those which seemingly have little or no direct connection - mathematics, science, computer - and digital technologies, physics and design.” 

For more information check:

2016/2017 Darkroom Contemporary COMPANY PROFILE 


Ticket booking via Quicket for the IN C I DOUBLE BILL in Cape Town, R150.00.


Tickets for clone at the Centre For The Less Good Idea, Jozi are available at:  https://lessgoodidea.com/bookings/  ,R100 each.

And Dance Umbrella tickets Jozi: https://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=1478266119  at R80

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