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The Top Toys for Easter

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The Top Toys for Easter

The Easter season is upon us, with children looking forward to the thrill, the excitement and the joy of eating chocolate eggs and going on an Easter Hunt! The March Hares have left their burrows and are hopping about, scouting all the wonderful places in which to hide Easter treats.

And if the Easter Bunny has not been spotted yet, it’s for a very good reason. He has been at Prima Toys looking for unique, exciting and fun toys that are perfect for the Easter weekend. Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys says that it has been a wonderful experience helping the Easter Bunny
choose gifts.

“Easter is a time for sharing, giving, celebrating and for children it is very much about hunting for goodies and having fun. This year’s Easter gifts are quite literally full of surprises. From Little Live Pets Surprise Chick and Smashers to Pikmi Pops and Baby Secrets, there is something for every child this
Easter season,” explains Patrizi.

Below is a list of toys that are perfect for the Easter basket and egg hunt

1. Little Live Pets Surprise Chick
Little Live Pets Surprise Chick is a realistic toy pet that hatches out of an egg-shaped shell. As the chick hatches it chirps and hops about. There are five Chicks to collect: Patty the Party Chick, Blossy the Daisy Chick, Tilly the Dancing Chick, Beaky the Rainbow Chick and Henny Penny the Sunny Chick. There is also the Limited Edition Golden Chick - Lucky Clucky. The beauty of the Little Live Pets Surprise Chick is that it hatches over and over again, not just once. Ideal for ages 5+.

RSP: R279.99 Available at toy stores and retailers.

2. Smashers
Smashers is a new collectibles range for boys. Kids get to discover which one they’ve collected by smashing the smashball open. Once unboxed kids can battle, collect and score with their Smashers as each one has its own smashpoint value. Ideal for ages 5+. Available at toy stores and retailers.

RSP: R49.99 for single pack

3. Pikmi Pops
Meet some cute, plush characters full of scent and surprises! Pikmi Pops are the cutest little collectibles just waiting to be unwrapped. Created by the same company that brought Shopkins to the world, the Pikmi Pops are toys that offer multiple ways of play. The Pikmi plushie can be displayed inside the
lollipop or hung from its dangler string on a school backpack, it can be part of a collection, or swapped with friends. Ideal for ages 5 +.

Available at toy stores and retailers from RSP: R 129.99

4. Baby Secrets
Surprise! Is it a boy or a girl? Baby Secrets is the brand new collectibles range which features a unique and exciting element – children get to discover if their cute character is a boy or a girl by bathing them in water. The nappy changes colour to either blue or pink to reveal the gender. How is that for a surprise?
For girls aged 4 years +.

From RSP: R 59.99 available at toy stores and retailers nationwide.

5. Ben 10 mini figurines in foil pack
Benjamin Tennyson is not your average 10-year- old boy. He also moonlights as Ben 10, a superhero with special powers that he discovered at a young age when his signature Omnitrix device miraculously attached itself to his wrist. The Omnitrix gives Ben 10 the power to alter his genetic makeup and transform into 10 alien creatures that save people from alien invasions and fight off the bad guys. Help defend the galaxy with a Ben 10 Mini Figure Foil Pack! Ideal for boys aged 4 +.

Available at toy stores and retailers for RSP: R49.99.

6. Little Sprouts
Remember the cabbage Patch Kids? Well the cute, adorable dolls have made a comeback and now there’s a new, miniature version called Little Sprouts. The Little Sprouts world is bustling with neighborhood pals and big time fun! For girls aged 4 +.

Available at toy stores and retailers. RSP: from R49.99 for a single pack.

7. Disney Tsum Tsum Small Plush
Tsum Tsums are a range of fun, collectible toys that have created a new craze in collecting. Tsum Tsums, which mean ‘stack stack’ in Japanese, are available in a variety of sizes from very small to large cuddly plush. The small Tsum Tsum stackable plush are perfect as Easter gifts and come in everyone’s favourite
Disney characters. Now fans of Tsum Tsums can collect them all to build a tower of cute and cuddly friends. For boys and girls aged 4+.

RSP: R79.99 available at toy stores and retailers.

8. Teksta Micro Pets
The Teksta Micro Pets are miniature robotic pets that are programmed to act just like the real thing. The Micro Pets are available in four pet options including Puppy, Raccoon, Dinosaur and Kitty. Each pet features specialised tech that allows you to interact with it using hand gestures and voice commands.
Teksta Micro Pets can walk backwards and forwards, move their ears and turn their heads. The Micro Pets can also sit, just like real life, well-trained pets! Ideal for boys and girls aged 3 +.

RSP: R249.99.
Available at toy stores.