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Tuesday, 06 May 2008 13:18

Style and Pampering with Africology at Sinzinani African Day Spa

{pp}Sinzinani Day Spa has introduced Africology products to the spa treatments. Our skin is an expression of our hearts and minds. What we put on the outside can be seen as a process of assistance, while we take care of our inner world.

To embody Africa’s untamed spirit and majesty, healer and skin care therapist RENCHIA DROGANIS uses indigenous ingredients in her unique body treatments.

She produced Africology, which captures the healing essences of Africa. Symbolic of the healing journey South Africans experienced from apartheid. She sees the ecology of Africa as becoming whole. Responsibility towards one’s self and the choices we make affect the future of our physical experiences with others, and its effect on our bodies. Our skin reflects the stresses we hold within.

Self-love begins with choices that will support our purpose in life. Taking care of our body and skin is a first step towards self love. Africology contributes to the well-being of Africa’s people, their land, and the species that share our planet. While we all eventually age, we can retard the process in a powerful way. A positive inner world creates an ageless being. We incorporate energy therapy into treatment formulations. The active energetic essences of plants are always respected in formulations, giving nature an opportunity to work in harmony with the body’s energy field.

The use of radionics to transfer energetic patterns to our products is another special way of keeping our products constantly alive. We prefer to stay away from harsh chemicals, and always focus on creating a therapeutic experience on the body.

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