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Thursday, 12 October 2017 15:03

Ref Wayne to launch his New Book “The Art of Forex”

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Ref Wayne to launch his New Book “The Art of Forex”

Self-made billionaire Refiloe Nkele mostly known as Ref Wayne will be launching his new book “The Art of Trading”

The 22 years South African's youngest Self-made billionaire, Philanthropist Ref Wayne has just announced that he will be launching his first book at Mall of Africa on the 28 th of October.

He shared the exciting news on Instagram and Facebook:

“I am beyond happy to announce that after I went through quite a few sleepless nights while working on the book, finally it will be launched on the 28 of October at Mall Of Africa, thanks for love and support we have more than 1000 pre-orders already”

Ref Wayne has been getting a lot of support and love on social media, we wouldn’t be surprised if the book sells like hot cupcakes.

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with an estimated $6 .5 Trillion traded per day. It is known for its high-risk nature, and high capital requirement this is why it is mostly traded by banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, and
retail forex brokers and investors.

Ref Wayne has simplified it and made it easier and accessible to understand how to trade forex successful by revealing the secret of forex market.

“‘The Art Of Trading” book is a good pick for traders who are just beginning to tackle the world of foreign exchange. The book provides a two-pronged approach, offering both theory and actionable learning, with balanced insight into fundamental and technical forex trading strategies designed to generate regular profits.” He explains Ref’s book also offers extensive and specific information on every aspect of currency markets and foreign exchange trading. Ref walks readers, step-by- step, through Forex fundamentals — such as long- and short-term factors affecting currency pairs — as well as covering technical analysis trading strategies that professional forex traders utilize on a daily basis.

Ref Wayne is Founder & CEO of Armageddon trading System and Pip-coin crypto currency, He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Forex Analyst & active trader, Philanthropist and is one of South African's youngest Self-made billionaire through Forex.


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