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Top Toys for the Festive Season

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Top Toys for the Festive Season

The Festive Season is upon us with lights and tinsel sparkling at malls and shops. Children are already asking for gifts, but what to buy and why?

Chiquita Patrizi, Prima Toys’ Marketing Executive explains that this festive season a number of toys have made a comeback, there is a wide variety of tech-inspired toys as well as toys that have a social media sharing element to them.

This Festive Season toys are brighter, better and more engaging than ever before. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still on shelf as they’re a hit with both dads and their sons. They’re the perfect combination of nostalgia toy, action figurine and superhero. Fans can look forward to cooler vehicles and accessories as well as dress-up sets so that they can look like their favourite turtles character.

For toddlers, Little Tikes have filled a gap in the toy market with robust, well-designed toys for the little ones. The toys are perfect for little hands and encourage exploration. There is a wide variety to choose from for toddlers of all ages and stages. Their Pop Tunes Guitar and Pop Tunes Keyboard provide a great introduction to music as well as the art of performance.

Educational toys have become extremely valuable to both parents and children. LeapFrog has developed an assortment of educational toys for children as young as three to introduce them to numeracy and literacy. Products such as the Leapfrog’s LeapStart combine learning with entertainment, allowing a child to learn as they play. 

There is a rising trend and a demand for robotic toys. This year’s robotic toys are smarter, more engaging and more entertaining than ever before. Teksta Robotic Kitty and Teksta Robotic Puppy are equipped with artificial intelligence and are sensitive to touch and sound. Little Live Pets have brought out robotic toys including turtles and frogs.

One of the biggest trends in toys is the incorporation of apps and social media sharing. StikBot is the first stop-animation toy to hit shelves in South Africa and it’s providing a platform for amateur filmmakers to show their skills. The figurines have suction pads at the end of their arm and legs and can be bent into any pose. The green screen means that any backdrop can be added later. The app is easy to use and stitches together scenes to make a movie, complete with soundtrack. 

For girls aged eight and over who love to sing and dance the SelfieMic is a microphone and a selfie stick combined. Kids can sing along to pop tracks from the likes of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift using the StarMaker singing app. They can also record themselves and share with friends. 

Collectibles are still a big craze with a number of collectible toys available for boys and girls. The Grossery Gang range is modelled on items found in a grocery store that have gone off. They play on the gross factor in a way that is colourful and fun. For girls, NumNoms incorporate lip balm into a pocket-sized collectible toy. Shopkins, another girl’s collectible range now in its sixth season, features a new limited edition series called Shopkins Chef Club. There is also a collectible range for teenagers who love designer labels. The Trendy Dogs are named after top designers including Louis, Thomas and Issey. With collectibles it’s all about collecting, swapping and playing.

With a growing trend in encouraging children to be creative, use their imagination and make things, new on the market is the Junior MasterChef range. For boys and girls who enjoy baking and cooking, the sets include a variety of tools designed to fit in a child’s hands.

This Festive Season there is something for everyone. Christmas is a time of giving, celebrating and having fun. And what better way to have fun than with a freshly unwrapped brand new toy!

This Festive Season’s top toys are available at all good toy retailers and toy stores.

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