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Monday, 07 May 2007 19:10

Work-Life Balance Now Possible With I-Kids Safety Device

Written by Black Khaki Wired
{pp}Achieving a work-life balance - mission impossible? Think again! Thanks to i-Kids – an innovative safety device from mobiles2go, working parents can now work their way up the corporate ladder, while having peace of mind about the safety of their kids, 24-7. “The GPS/GSM based i-Kids isafety device is the answer to the working parent’s dilemma of knowing the whereabouts of their children at all times,” says David Lehman, Managing Director of mobiles2go South Africa, the operators of the i-Kids service.
i-Kids, the world’s first GPS-based child safety device looks like a cell phone, except it only has four buttons. Parents pre-programme the buttons to enable their children to speed dial when they are in trouble and authorise the numbers they dial. The GPS functionality in turn enables parents to pin-point the location of their children in seconds. Parents can set three adjustable safety zones for the i-Kids handset, such as the route to school for example. i-Kids will then alert parents immediately if their children move out of the pre-programmed areas.

Like most things in life, success lies in creating a healthy balance. A balance that has and will continue to elude most working adults in this fast-pace world. Living in South Africa, the work-life balance becomes even more unattainable when parents are concerned about the safety of their children while earning a living at work. This is a dilemma working mom Thandi Maseko, mother of seven-year old Bongi, knows too well: “Since Bongi has been using i-Kids, it has given her more confidence as she knows that should she find herself in an emergency situation, she can get help with the press of a button. i-Kids has given me peace of mind, because even though she is out of sight, I still know where she is.”

Forward thinking organisations understand the need to help their employees attain a balance between life and work. Numerous research findings have shown that work-life balance solutions result in cost savings, increased productivity and peace of mind for both employer and employees.

“We realise the immense pressure parents are under to grow their careers and to take care of their children at the same time. We have had an overwhelming positive response from parents since we launched i-Kids a couple of months ago. We are confident that i-Kids will revolutionise the way parents raise their children and pursue a career,” concludes Lehman.

i-Kids is available nationwide from mobiles2go, its distributors and Makro stores on packages from either the Cell C or Vodacom networks.

Contact Details:
Melanie Dall
mobiles2go South Africa
011-317 3768
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