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Wednesday, 21 February 2007 14:08

New website delivers high quality children’s party invitations

Written by  Tom Schwarer
Image{pp}Children’s parties are an exciting event, and moms usually want to make them special. Themed invitations add to the fun, getting everyone into the party mood from the start. But most invitations available in shops are quite generic and boring, and so PartyInvites was born.
ImagePartyInvites.co.za is a new web-based business delivering high quality personalised invitations for children’s parties. Parents can choose from a range of popular themes, including Fairies, Pirates and Jungle Noonoos. All the invitations are specially designed for PartyInvites, and there are different sizes and shapes to choose from. The real time-saver is that the invitations come pre-printed with all the party details on them, and with matching envelopes, and the whole package is posted to you. So all a busy mom has to do is hand them out. The website even offers a mailing service if you want your invites posted directly to your guests.

The PartyInvites.co.za website also offers free party tips and ideas to go with each theme, as well as recipes and some great party games. Users can sign up for their free monthly newsletter to get new theme ideas each month and find out themes have been added. New themes are created regularly, so it’s worth bookmarking the site. The website itself is attractive and easily navigated, so you needn’t be techno-savvy to make use of their online ordering facility.

Currently available themes are: Fun in the Sun; Pirates Ahoy!; Jungle NooNoos; Building Site; Party Princess; Butterflies and Springtime Fairy. Coming soon: Wild West; 1st, 2nd and 3rd Birthday; Tea Party and Super Heroes.

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Samantha Schwarer
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