18 June 2021

Why Top Companies Are Adopting Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Submitted by Lisl Whytock
Why Top Companies Are Adopting Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

In short, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a type of virtual computing that makes use of the physical component, such as your PC, laptop or desktop, to communicate within the workspace hosted by the company’s cloud provider. It securely delivers applications from the cloud to any device at any location with the internet.

DaaS enables companies to replace their traditional systems with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which eliminates the challenge of supporting and managing a large number of devices across a company.

Applications and company data are run directly from the cloud instead of on each PC or laptop. Should there be an issue with the device or it gets stolen, it is simple to simply switch to a different device to continue working, with no software downloads necessary. This is because the workforce can directly access the application from their device through an internet connection.

DaaS is a subscription-based service with the backend VDI hosted by a third party – the cloud provider. These providers manage not only the VDI but also the security, maintenance, upgrades, storage and backups that are necessary from time to time.

Some of the main benefits of DaaS include:

Cost Savings

As DaaS is a subscription model, companies only pay for what they need.


By paying only for what is needed, companies can quickly up or downscale their requirements as their business environment changes. This includes onboarding a large number of employees at once.


The cloud provider ensures that all sensitive data is securely managed and stored, providing advanced protection against the loss of data or a device.

Easy Technology Integration

DaaS allows the integration and delivery of emerging technologies, which can also be easily updated.

Global Digital Workspace

DaaS allows employees to work from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating collaboration and enabling the company to expand into new markets as it is no longer restricted by one geographical location.

Device Flexibility

As it is able to run on a variety of operating systems, DaaS supports the trend of users bring their own devices (BYOD) to the office.

Maintain Control

Access to applications and data can easily be granted to or removed from employees as the need arises.

Choosing a DaaS Service Provider

Not all DaaS offerings are the same, so it is essential to first establish the company’s requirements in term of performance, scalability, security, applications availability and geographical location.

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