28 October 2021

Westech's New FAQ Page Addresses Some Common IT Concerns

Submitted by Lisl Whytock
Westech's New FAQ Page Addresses Some Common IT Concerns

Westech has noted that many of its clients have the same areas of concern when it comes to IT Support and issues they experience with their computers. Therefore, it has decided to make it easier for its clients to address these problems by creating a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on its website.

This FAQ page will be the first point of reference for clients to explore in search of answers. The FAQ page will also help users navigate the site by supplying valuable links to other helpful articles and products on the Westech website.

Westech is invested in helping clients find solutions. Roy Westfehling, CEO of Westech, says, “We hope that the comprehensive answers to common IT questions will go a long way to assisting our clients and making them feel more confident about doing business with us, in the knowledge that we fully understand their concerns and have the technical skills and knowledge to address their IT issues.”

Some of the questions that will be addressed on the site include;

  • Is it worth upgrading an old laptop or buying a new one?
  • How can I increase the speed of my computer?
  • What must I do to protect myself from ransomware?
  • Why does my Outlook hang sometimes?
  • How can I move information from my local servers into the Cloud?
  • What is a volume license, and how does it work?
  • What must I do to ensure I am POPI compliant?
  • What is the best computer to buy?
  • What is the difference between memory and storage?

New questions and answers relating to IT problems will regularly be posted to the page, reflecting the result of Westech’s interaction with its clients on recent IT issues. Each question will be clearly addressed with instructions and recommendations. Hopefully, this dynamic content will provide a quick point of reference for its clients and provide them with the information they need when making IT-related decisions.

If clients cannot find a suitable answer to their predicament or fix the IT problem themselves, Westech offers further professional IT support through its Express Desk Application which allows clients to communicate instantly with Westech from any device. The Express Desk IT Support Application is available exclusively to Westech clients. It is available on Google Play or through the App Store.

This IT helpdesk management solution is operated by a team of IT professionals with a combined experience of 22 years, backed by ITIL and customer service training and experience. Westech manages customer support queries from the West Coast of Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, the United Kingdom, Germany, across Africa to the Far East, Australia and the Philippines.

Their dedicated IT Support Team handles projects of any size, no matter how simple or complex. Their services to their clients range from Basic Desktop support, Advanced Desktop and Networking Support to Advanced Server and Cloud Hosting Support. Password resets and complicated Server Migrations are routine matters for them, and are efficiently processed from their Head Office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

To submit your burning question to Westech’s FAQ page, email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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