22 June 2022

Kwikspace celebrates 50 years in business with ever-evolving technology

Submitted by CubicICE (PTY) Ltd
Kwikspace celebrates 50 years in business with ever-evolving technology

On 15 June 2022, Kwikspace celebrated a significant milestone: the company’s 50th anniversary. Founded in 1972, Kwikspace has become Africa’s largest manufacturer and rental supplier of prefabricated, mobile modular buildings, and has established a formidable footprint in the continent with offices in 30 countries. The successful achievement of the company’s vision for growth and excellence is the result of a focus on product innovation, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Kwikspace has tried and tested its offerings over the years to formulate the most elite portfolio of products, KwikPremium and KwikFire, which is manufactured at its ISO-accredited facilities in Gauteng and Cape Town. What sets Kwikspace’s products apart is the use of high-quality polyurethane-filled steel cladded panels, instead of alternatives such as polystyrene. These panels not only deliver exceptional thermal qualities and resistance to the elements (including mould, moisture, fire and fungus), but are stronger and lighter than other industry standard panels. KwikFire houses an additional 12 mm magnesium oxide board in the panel, offering fire resistance up to 30 minutes and is certified by Agrément South Africa (ASA), the innovative construction product assessment corporation.

The versatility and adaptability of Kwikspace units contribute to the company’s success. Kwikspace’s mobile units are easily customisable to best suit the customer’s needs. For instance, the angle of the unit ceilings can be customised to maximise the available interior space, while the angle of rubberised flooring inside the units can be tailored to ensure effective drainage in shower/ablution applications. A multitude of fixtures, fittings and accessories can be incorporated as required and the units are easily painted or branded.

“Our units are extremely versatile, suitable to house extreme creativity. We have helped customers adapt their units to the point where they are barely recognisable as units. In fact, we practice what we preach and make use of our own units. We have greatly extended our headquarter facility in Klipriver (built in 1997) with our own panel material (since 2005). We continue to make use of our double storey extension that blends in with our original office, offering a comfortable and natural workplace,” explains Dirk Steinberg, Kwikspace, CEO.

Kwikspace originally built permanent buildings on-site as their product and service offering, this required a concrete foundation, extending project timelines. Today, Kwikspace prefabricated mobile units are delivered and assembled fast (if not delivered assembled), presenting a cost efficient and quick space solution for customers in any industry. Kwikspace delivers rental units within days and custom purchases within four to six weeks (though the company has the capacity to deliver within five working days in emergency situations).

In celebration of 50 successful years of business, Kwikspace initiated a public photo competition with prizes totalling R50 000. The competition received 177 compliant entries out of the 350 total entries. The winners were announced via livestream from headquarters to the various branches around the country (each of which held a simultaneous birthday breakfast for personnel on 15 June).

 “There is a saying that goes, ‘you can’t reach for the top of the mountain just by looking at it – you have to take steps’. We are pleased to have reached this milestone and organised this function as a token of appreciation for our employees who have worked hard to get us to where we are today. We extend our thanks to all the personnel, customers, partners and peers who celebrated our birthday with us. We look forward to the next 50 years in business and are confident that we will adapt easily, just like our versatile units, to new challenges, environments, and demands to come,” concludes Steinberg.

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