06 July 2022

A new online bartering platform, CirculateIt launches in South Africa

Submitted by Given Madia
A new online bartering platform, CirculateIt launches in South Africa

Johannesburg, 06 July 2022 - New online bartering platform,  CirculateIt launched on the 4th of July 2022. Circulate is a platform created to make life easy and convenient for people to exchange goods and services without using money in the process. The brand name says it all "Circulate It" - encouraging people to circulate their pre-owned goods/services for their desired goods/services.

Bartering is a cashless exchange system that dates back to 6000 BC - where 2 parties trade goods and/or services directly, without the use of money. Bartering has been practiced for years, even before the existence of money, people used to trade and exchange items. The whole concept of bartering is to save money and avoid waste by trading what you may no longer want for something you really want.

CirculatIt is the modern bartering platform because it uses technology to bring 2 parties together with a mutual agreement to exchange/trade items.

"CirculateIt aims to unlock the latent potential of bartering to give frugal consumers access to more goods, and services and reduce waste," says Frank Ogagba - Chief Executive Officer of CirculateIt.

Instead of discarding goods you no longer need or want, rather trade them in for goods you really need or want. CirculateIt currently launching the platform for people residing in Gauteng province, and as time progresses, they are willing to expand to other provinces.

The public is always keen on trying new things, especially new technology - hence CirculateIt sees the idea of bartering as a great fit into the market. The platform is new, it's fun, it's convenient, and most importantly is cost-effective.

"Price hikes and the cost of living are trends that make it difficult for most South Africans to make ends meet. Ways to save money, and even better, get what they need without paying. The platform enables people to barter trade products and services for what they need", adds Frank Ogagba.

Going into the month of July [savings month] the platform educates the public about the importance of not only saving money but saving and preserving the environment. CirculateIt cannot wait to be the go-to bartering platform in South Africa and it cannot wait to switch things up in the market - #letsswitch.


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About CirculateIt
CirculateIt is a way to exchange the product and services you have for the ones you want. The platform gives you the opportunity to explore and find products and services near you like clothing, electronics, books, and more.

For more information visit: https://www.circulateit.online/

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