Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Another First for DiaMatrix with their new International ICANN Accreditation

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DiaMatrix once again launches a 1st in South Africa, by becoming the 1st Verisign (.com & .net TLDs) and the 1st PIR (.net TLD) accredited domain Registrar. DiaMatrix also became the 2nd SA company to achieve ICANN accreditation and the 6th in the whole of Africa. Adding to the firsts, they were the 1st accredited .co.za Registrar in Sep 2011.

To mark the success of ther international domain accreditations, they have just launched their new domains' website, appropriately called: https://www.domains.co.za.

Having ICANN accreditation allows domains.co.za to go directly to the Registry for that particular TLD, hence Verisign is the registry for.com and .net and PIR is the registry for .org domain extensions. No other ISP in South Africa has the big three accreditation, being ICANN, Verisign and PIR.

"domains.co.za is not only for domain registrations," says Wayne Diamond, CEO of DiaMatrix, "we have launched some fantastic website packages too. Clients can install over 250 website applications from Content Management Systems to Blogs, a well as Forums and various others." In addition, domains.co.za offers bundled discounts for clients hosting their website and using DiaMatrix's easy ecommerce solution: https://www.eshop.co.za.

Nowadays, data security has become of paramount importance to all companies, not just the corporate sector. With both internet and intranet web environments being exposed to hackers, knowing your information is secure builds client confidence. Any application where personal information is required to be sent, or online selling of goods is undertaken, needs to be secure through the encryption provided by SSL Certificates.

domains.co.za offers SSL Certificates suited to any website's security needs, these include Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, and Trustwave SSL Certificates from as little as R249 per annum incl. VAT.

domains.co.za launched ther very successful White Labelled .co.za EPP Registrar solution in March 2012, now their domains.co.za brings their Registrar products to the end user.


DiaMatrix has been a registered ISP since 2001, specialising in domain registration, web hosting, and providing online solutions aimed at the SME community. In August 2012 they launched their easy to use, secure ecommerce solution - https://www.eshop.co.za.

Not only has eShop made ecommerce affordable to small business, it has also made it easy to integrate into an existing website. With eShop, any company can start selling online in under 30 minutes. In addition eShop provides integrated courier services and secure payment gateways.

eShop.co.za has seen some of its biggest growth from its ability as a Facebook plugin, that allows an eShop client to sell their products via their Facebook Page.

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Wayne Diamond owner of DiaMatrix - Internet Service Provider offering innovative web software solutions, to todays SME businesses.