Friday, 07 September 2012

Most user friendly affordable online shop

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Star Link has developed a system that is both good looking as well as powerful. Content management has never been so exciting and user friendly. The system automatically indexes company information to shorten the registration process.

At Star Link there is 1 goal and 1 goal only and that's to link your products and services with ease of access to clients. The user interface is designed to be less busy and more helpful with acquiring required information such as the contact details and company profile, to easily view the products and services specifications. Star Shop is simple and easy to use in terms of navigation between content. The slider feature enables it to load the entire shop with all the content with one click, making it as quick as possible to page through every page without reloading it again.

Most websites consist of too much information, thus not keeping the client excited enough to browse through all of it. Star Shop is created to deliver sufficient important information, just enough to sell the product or service online. The layout of the Star Shop is divided into sections with enough space between content for the purpose of easy reading. Star Shop provides 6 main pages as a standard, titled: " Home", "About", "Products", "Services", "Gallery" and "Contact".

The home page consist of a "Logo", a  90 character "Welcome Message" of your choice, "Phone number", "Email Address", 2 small descriptions about the shop itself, plus 5 clickable pictures that can be utilized for normal event pictures or even products. These 2 "small descriptions", are limited to 38 and 65 characters respectively. Upon clicking on the 5 clickable pictures, an enlargement will appear with a 400 character description and the price of the product.

The "about" page, consist of a page title with a 40 characters limit, a brief summary of 345 characters about the company with a subtitle of 40 characters limit, focused on the products and services plus a brief summary of 345 characters limit about the products and or services.

The "products" page consists of a page title with 40 characters limit and subtitle about the products with 80 characters limit. This page allows 6 products, each consisting of a picture, product name or code to a maximum of 50 characters limit. The price and description about the product, has a 400 characters limit.

The "gallery" page consists of a page title with a 40 characters limit and a subtitle with 80 characters limit. This page allows 10 pictures about anything related to your business.

The "services" page consists of a page title with a 40 characters limit, plus a full summary about the services offered, which is limited to 1900 characters.

The "contact" page consists of a page title with a 40 character limit, a subtitle with 80 characters limit and a contact form which is linked to the business email address to enable prospective clients to make further enquiries if necessary.

Through the CMS, all of the above can be updated, changed or removed at any time, all the time, at no extra cost. All this for only R29.00 per month or R330.00 per annum.