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Sunday, 08 April 2012 12:46

Jumping bean appointed Alfresco Training Partner


Jumping Bean, the South African based open source integration and training company, has been appointed as the official Alfresco training partner for South Africa. Alfresco is the leading, open source, enterprise management content system which has seen significant take up in South Africa.

“We hope that our partnership boosts the rapid adoption of Alfresco products in the enterprise in South Africa”, said Mpho Moloi, Jumping Bean's head of training. “Now that official training support is available, backed by strong local technical partners, and with support available from Afresco directly , any barriers to the adoption of open source ECM in the enterprise has been removed”, continued Mr Moloi.

The partnership comes in the wake of Alfresco's strategic expansion of its channel management team to keep pace with its 40% channel revenue growth experience in 2011. With the launch of Alfresco 4 in February 2012 with its impressive “cloud connect content” functionality, this growth is set to continue.

“Cloud content connect” allows for content to be accessible from any device, to be integrated and even synced with other cloud services, to be published to cloud-based social sites and to able to be shared inside or outside the firewall and still be managed and controlled by the enterprise.

"Never before has the focus of enterprise software been so squarely on empowering users to not just get work done, but to do great work by collaborating anywhere, on any device, with the tools of their choice. Alfresco is the company best positioned to bring enterprise requirements and the power of the cloud together to create real value for both companies and their employees”, said John Powell CEO and co-founder of Alfresco.


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